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Amy Rocker

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It was great meeting you all, it made my dad and I feel like we were amongst friends, which we were. The show was amazing, I'm so glad I got to see them just once.

Covers played:

a. Can't Explain-The Who

b. No Reply-The Beatles

c. Ticket To Ride-The Beatles

d. Needles and Pins-The Searchers

e. It's Cold Outside-The Choir

p.s. To all the people I saw at the show, my dad didn't believe me when I said we'd be front and center the entire time! Was he wrong!

p.p.s When do we get to see how the pictures turned out, Gene?

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The show had a more relaxed, spontaneous feel to it. There were several elements to this...Eric reading the soldier's letter, Eric's funny story about the practice sessions for the Ringo tour, the references to his high school....Wally's slap at Dave Shapiero....all the cracks about Dave's blue eyes and ways with the ladies.

I also felt that Wally really let go in this show

and took his playing up a notch.

I came away thinking...I should go to Chicago!

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If the set list photo is correct they streamlined the show a bit. Cut one Beatle song, only did one Choir song and did not do I Saw The Light, Might As Well and Starting Over. But they did do Crusin Music and Needles and Pins.

Did they do anything at all about the heat in that place? ie. turn the air conditioner on?

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Can't remember the exact quote on the Dave Shapero thing, but the gist of it was "thanks for nothing".

Also laughed at Dave when he brought out naked Barbie & Ken dolls and talked about what they might've been up to. Then Wally started ranting about how much Dave's obviously much-needed therapy would cost the band.

They were definitely looser at the end of the show, and Wally even asked "Have you been drinking as much as we have?"

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Hi y'all -

A clarification: when Wally said "Have you guys been drinking as much as we have?' he meant WATER because it was SO HOT! They were chugging H2O - Dave had beer and water, Eric had "something" in a red cup and water, Wally had tons of water!!

Amy, we were warm a few feet back from you and were ready to beg for water from the band! The HOB turned on the AC a couple of times thank God - it cleared the smoke (not just cigarette smoke this time either eek ) and cooled us off. You had such a great spot - it was great fun meeting and your dad!!!


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Wally said..." Dave you fat, Pilsbury dough boy F##ker...." and went on from there. I am 100% certain of the portion I quoted...he said a few other things...but I can't recall exactly what he said.

I was standing right in front of him so I heard him quite clearly...

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