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Happy Birthday Eric!

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OOoooooh BABY! I come alive when you sing all those songs to me, Eric! eek You are a rare and genuinely talented being, and I wish you all the best of everything on your birthday, and beyond... smilie I'm still hoping to see just you and a Steinway up on the stage at Carnegie Hall one of these days... I think that on my next birthday, that's the wish I'll make when I blow out the candles on my cake! wink With much love and respect, Sandy

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Happy Birthday Jim. smile

Eric, I am writing another card to you, because I love you.

"Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday dear Eric,

Happy Birthday to you..."

My birthday Eric is September 12th, if you want to return the seranade, come to Providence R.I. and deliver it personally. winkhappy

I'll e-mail the address if you want it.


Love and happiness on your special day.

Donna Castello

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Thought you'd all like to see these birthday greetings to Eric from some of his biggest fans in Japan! --Bernie


Dear Eric: Happy Birthday!! I wish I could say to you, "I've been your loyal fan for over 30 years." In reality, I've been your big fan for just a year. It was my favorite Japanese musician that gave me a chance to know about you and your music. He loves your music very much and a picture taken with you in 1998 is something special to him. I've got a strong impact (good one) to listento your music for the first time. In spite of the years passed by since release of the songs, your music still has the special power to fascinate the people who listen to it. I feel lucky to know your music in my life. Please continue to make many Japanese fans feel happy through your music and activities. Wishing you a happy birthday.

--Keiko Shiratani

Happy Birthday. I hope I could hear your voice again on your new album in the near future.


Happy Birthday, Eric. Your music came into my life through a Japanese musician who respects you so much. And it also gave me a chance to see a lot of loyal and wonderful fans of yours. Some of your songs make me feel happy and some others touches me deep inside, making me cry into tears. Thank you for the music. I wish you a a happy birthday.


Happy Birthday, Eric. "Let's Pretend" is my most favoraite song in this world. And it's you, Eric, that I love most among all the musicians of the world. I cannot explain the reason for those very well. But, I know for sure that your music was always there to support and encourage me whenever I felt blue or lonely. The only thing I regret about you is that I've never seen you in concert. Please, please come to Japan on tour and sing "Let's Pretend" for me.


Happy birthday to you, Eric. More than twenty years have passed since I first listen to your music. Among other things, I still clearly remember your live in Japan in 1980. Your fantastic singing of "All By Myself" on the piano was so impressive. Your music gives us excitement and joy to the fans. In addition, many musicians and artists have been influenced by it. I wish you a good luck on your continuing activities as an artist. We will be always with you, forever.


Happy Birthday, Eric. Your songs occupy the very special part of my heart. I know it will never change.


Happy Birtrhday. It's been 30 years since I first listened to your music. I grew up with your music and am now a father of three children. I'm giving my children a chance to listen to your great songs. I look forward to your new album. Again, have a nice and happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Eric! You have been something special to me since I first listened to your voice. Thanks for the fantastic songs which are always by my side. Please, please continue to write the songs that touch everyone's heart. I look forward to listening to your new songs.


To Eric: Your music made my life very special. The man, through whom I became aware of your music, did the same. I look forward to your creation and release of the great songs as you did in the past. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday, Eric. Taking this opportunity, I'd like you to know how grateful I feel that I could come across to your wonderful music in my life. Your music will be always by my side for the rest of my life. Thank you for the great and fantastic music. Wishing you a happy, happy birthday.


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Eric -- Please accept my belated birthday greetings. I have been traveling alot lately. Thank you for all of the great music so far. Your loyal fans look forward to the upcoming year -- and hope to see you on the road. I wish you a year of good health, happines and continued success. Tom I

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