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Never Say Die - FINAL MIX!


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I just did a 455 song survey from a radio station

koolfm 1053fm, Erics song-"Hungry Eye's" was among the 455,

Now, you had to rate out of six, whether you liked it, Or disliked it, or never heard it, Or

like it a little, and of course, I turn to a radio station if I hear this song.

Of course I had chosen, I liked it.

So, the point of the survey is to find out what songs from babyboomers ages 45 - 54 listen to.

Well, most of like to listen to the 70's - 80's.

Which is aimed for.

I hope that song gets a lot of air play, we will see.

Anyone from Canada and around that area can do a survey, as long as the radio station is air playable in your area.

www.koolfm.com click on Advisory Coucil winter survey, but first, sign up.

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I've had to pull the songs out of my temporary internet folder to put them on my computer. I finally found it after doing a search for my temporary internet file, because I can never find it on Windows XP. If you can't get it, let me know and I will email you the song. laugh

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Help computer people! How do I tell which temp file it is? When I tried to save it would only save the HTML portion, not the mp3...and I was not sure which folder to select from the temp file.

And while on the topic...I had a major crash and have lost ALL of the mp3's Bernie posted over the years. Is there any way I could beg to impose on someone to send them to me? Thank you so much!

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Susana-I looked at the icons next to the items in the temporary internet file, there is a certain type of icon that on my computer looks like a blue swirl with a red dot. The end of the file says .mp3 at the end. If you want the songs let me know what you want and I will send it. Mp3 files are a little large and will fill an inbox, and it takes a while to scan them (I scan everything in and out of my computer)

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Thanks, Laura...I think I finally got it...: ) I will take any and every mp3 file from here that you can send me. Absolutely no rush, and I can save the files as they come in to help keep the mail working with no overloads. I know it is probably a lot of trouble for you, and I really appreciate it.

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