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Never Say Die - FINAL MIX!


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The story of "Never Say Die":

An unsolicited e-mail was received at EricCarmen.com from someone who said that he had purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Los Angeles containing a tape with Eric Carmen's name on it. A few days later a very large and heavy box arrived. Inside was a 2" master tape with the title, "Never Say Die."

Originally recorded as a demo in 1991, "Never Say Die" was written by Eric Carmen and Desmond Child.

The instrumentation on the demo recording was sparse and pre-programmed, and the song lay unfinished. Unitil now.

Intoxicated with the excitement of finding the multi-track master of an UNRELEASED Eric Carmen demo, a group of musicians decided to finish the song. They added real drums, bass and guitars to Eric's original vocals (what a concept!)

After hearing the song for the first time in over a decade and as part of a new recording, Eric called it "absolutely GREAT!" adding, "It was great fun hearing it again and the guys did an incredible job with it."

A few painstaking months later we had a final mix, and "Never Say Die" got the chance to live up to its name.


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