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Whiner's Thread


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Ok, I'd like to start a special thread for those of us who are not going to the event of the century. A place where we can cry on each others' shoulders and not spoil the fun of those who get to go. A special place to whine and sob and be green with jealousy!

So, here is my whine! Oooooooo! How I wish I could go too!!! But, alas, it just will not work. I just don't have the time or the money to do this at this time. crying And, I'm not just whining because I don't get to go to the concert, or to the meet and greet, or get my pic taken with the boys <<sob...sob....snivel.......*rubbing nose with sleeve*......sob......ssnnnnuufffff.....>> but, because I don't get to meet Bernie and everyone from the board! It's breakin' my little heart.... frown

So, anyway, that is my whine. Other than that, things are great! Lol!


---Julie (not the one who wrote the great poem!)

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Julie, I understand how you feel.

I felt the same pain when Eric did the Dirty Dancing tour and Ringo's All Starr Band tour because I was in Japan and I had no way to come to the U.S to see those concerts. It took me 24 years to see Eric again. eek

I hope this is just the beginning and all of us have opportunity to see them soon!

Kazumi smile

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great thread. I am still hanging in there...hoping a pair of vip tix will become available. I posted about buying a box but only got one reply for a pair and there are 12 seats - so that left me 8 seats short of affording that idea (even at $170 per seat). Sigh - I would spend the money for the hotel and flight and vip tix - if someone can not go at the last minute and they have the $100 vips with actual seats and the meet and greet I would glaldy purchase them - but for now I will just whine that I may not get lucky this time and good fortune may not shine on me and I may actually miss this concert which has always been on my wanting to see list oh for the majority of my life...never ever thought I would not be there if these guys decided to get together and play a reunion tour...It bums me even to play their stuff right now....whine, moan and b**ch

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