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All By Myself..extended version?

Bill C

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I have a question reguarding the Album version of All BY Myself. I have read the Marathon Man book and have been on this board for awhile now and have never seen this addressed. When I hear the piano solo in the middle of All bY Myself, I hear the melody to Secret Love, 1953 #1 Doris Day and in the 70's Freddy Fender had a minor hit with it. I've never heard mention of the credit for that song in ABM. Is this not what Eric is playing?

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Maybe it's just me, but the single notes Eric is playing seem to follow the melody to "once I had a secret love...now my secret love is no secret anymore" and then repeating it with more emphasis as the solo continues.It's really hard to expain without pointing it out as yourlistening. Thank you for the response though I thought maybe I touched on something that I shouldn't have. Maybe I'm just the only one who hears it?????

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Ok, I had my Mother listen to it. She didn't pick up on the Secret Love melody either until I pointed it out. It's just one of those things. If anyones curious what I was hearing was right after Eric plays the slow walk up and hits that high single note in the instrumental. He then goes into a melody that has always been a given to me that it was a short reference to the song Secret Love. I guess I'm All by myself in this so....case closed? confused

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