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Chicago show, good news??

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There is a radio station here sponsoring the WALK DOWN ABBEY ROAD TOUR. On Sunday mornings they salute a different artist, it is a 3 hour show. This Sunday they salute the WDAR tour. They will feature music from each artist on the tour. It has EC listed as part of the show. I hope that is correct, though I haven't listened to that station all week. But, their website does also say EC will be profiled. Oh, I hope this is true.

I won't be able to listen tomorrow, though . It figures :rolleyes: Let's hope this is good news.

I will call a friend at home to try to get someone to listen to see if this is true.


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What station is that, 97.1? I know that Bob Stroud is a huge Raspberries fan and I believe he still works there. When he used to work at The Loop, they had a "two for Tuesday" segment and every Tuesday, I would call him and ask for the Raspberries. He used to tell me he looked forward to my call because they had to log the requests and that would allow him to play the group. he would always play "Go All The Way" and "Overnight Sensation."



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Listened to the show this morning. Bob Stroud read a little piece about Eric's career with "Ecstacy" playing in the background. He then followed that by playing the full versions of "Go All The Way", "Let's Pretend", and "She Did It". (Could that have been the best ten consecutive minutes on Chicago radio since the seventies?)

He then said "there will have to be some changes in the Abbey Road tour starting in Chicago" (I thought "uh-oh") "Todd Rundgren is touring with Hall and Oates simultaneously, so he will have to miss the Chicago show because they have a concert that day."

Shouldn't that clinch Eric being there? Who else would sing all the songs?

The one thing that was odd, though, was on any promos they read about the show, they said "five o'clock" yet the internet promo says "three", so I hope that isn't a problem. That needs to be straightened out for anyone going.

I could not hear any number to call the station, so I e-mailed Bob and asked him what he knows. I will post any response I get immediately for everyone.

I'll tell you, thirty years later, and is there anything better than hearing "Go All The Way" on the radio? I still get goosebumps!

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