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Cleveland Cab Fares


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I checked out some cab companies and found that the average fare from Hopkins Airport to the Cleveland Holiday Inn Express is $20.00. The following are my results:

Ace Taxi (216)361.4700 $25.00 - $27.00+/-

Americab (216)881.1111 $21.00+/-

United Cab Co. (216)398.9000 $20.00+/-

Please keep in mind that there are several other companies and airport/hotel shuttles. My experience has been that airport shuttles usually cost more than cabs.

Bill :-)

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The train (Rapid) is not a bad idea, it will take you to Tower City Ctr. right in public square on Euclid Avenue. I believe The Holiday Inn Express is at 625 Euclid Avenue, about six blocks away.

While Cleveland is a nice city, most things (except Restaurants, clubs and Tower City which is also restaurants, shopping and movies close up

at 5:00pm. The streets are very empty of pedestrians. Cleveland is as safe as most cities, however, depending upon when you arrive in town I would not feel too comfortable walking from public square to the hotel much after dark. Though most likely you would be fine. Personally, I walk from my office down into the flats under bridges after dark and feel fairly safe.

The cab ride from the airport to downtown should take about 20-30 minutes (excluding during rush hour). I hope this does not sound too negative.

Bill :-)

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