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Bruce mentions Raspberries again!


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First, kudos to James for defending a nice lady's honor and also to Darlene for being a good sport.

I'm still blown away about what Bruce Springsteen is doing --- I mean, the guy's "Devils & Dust" album debuted at # 1 on Billboard's Top 200 Chart in May of 2005 and Soundscan reported that the album sold 220,000 units in its first week, so Bruce is still amazingly popular more than three decades after his first recording. If even a fraction of his fans seek out Raspberries "Greatest," that could put the guys back on the charts.

Tony, there's a list of Bruce gigs at http://www.brucespringsteen.net/live/index.html --- apparently his tour ends August 13, so he may not have any other plans when the boys play Atlantic City.

If Bruce were to walk into the Conan studio and say, "Look, lil' man, the Boss wants Raspberries on your show..." --- well, Raspberries might become Conan's house band (introduced by Sister Mary Raspberry, of course)...

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oh, and Darlene, I was only kidding about the (hitting on) comment.

please keep in mind this is all in good fun.

I can't imagine for the life of me why Bruce keeps tipping his hat to the 'berries.

there has to be something in it for him.

whatadaya think Lew?

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OK, back to the topic of the thread....

Not only is Bruce mentioning the Raspberries at his concerts, his mention even made it into a review. A reviewer of the Milwaukee concert for a Madison newspaper writes...

"The rest of the time, Springsteen commanded the Bradley Center as if he were playing to reverent townies in a tiny club, chuckling through amiable banter about everything from raising a teenager ("I'm just sort of mildly loathed") to rediscovering Catholicism ("I hated it for about 55 years, but in the past six months I've made my peace") to his insistence that the crowd rush home and legally download The Raspberries' "Overnight Sensation.""

So, now not only the people at the concert are hearing about the guys, people reading reviews are hearing about them, too...at least this review.

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Jeff, I think it's spectacular that Bruce is letting everyone know how much he loves Raspberries music, but upon reflection maybe it isn't so amazing. Again, it's a great artist acknowledging the profound talent(s) of (an)other great artist(s). Period.

Even in classical music, there's an old idea that anyone who is a fine artist or has "made it" is "standing on the shoulders" of those who have come before. That is, they didn't just grab their instruments and practice and wake up one day creating amazing music. They had their own idols and heroes, and teachers, listened to them, studied them to the hilt and took the truths learned and then made it happen for themselves. And they *never* forget those who inspired and/or helped them do it. My greatest living hero is still my first violin teacher, who is more father to me than teacher. I owe him EVERYTHING I have in music, even the ability to appreciate all aspects of it.

So, Bruce is acknowledging Raspberries as one of the "greats," and one who never got the respect and appreciation it deserves. I *always* knew he was a great musician. Now I know how great a PERSON he is as well.

smile --Darlene

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