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Bruce mentions Raspberries again!


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My neighbor attended the Bruce Springsteen concert in Milwaukee last night. She knows we are Raspberries fans and stopped by to tell us that Bruce once again gave kudos to the Raspberries and their music. Our neighbor is now asking to borrow our Raspberries CD so she can listen to Overnight Sensation, which Bruce mentioned. We'll get them to a Raspberries concert yet!

Mrs. C.

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There's a list of board members and the nominating committee for the Rock Hall of Fame at a Hollies' fan site: http://www.suitelorraine.com/suitelorraine/Pages/sampleletters.html

This is why Bruce Springsteen could be a huge help to Raspberries in getting into the Rock Hall of Fame. Assuming the list to be current, the list includes Springsteen producer Jon Landau and Springsteen biographer Dave Marsh. Also on the list are Don Ienner (brother of Raspberries' producer Jimmy Ienner), Jimmy Iovine (one of today's biggest producers (U2 is among his credits), he was Jimmy "Shoes" Iovine as assistant engineer of the Raspberries' "Starting Over" CD) and Clive Davis.

Another connection: Raspberries' "Starting Over" album was recorded at the Record Plant in NYC in 1974. The assistant engineers included Jimmy Iovine, Dave Thoener and Corky Stasiak.

In 1975, when I saw Springsteen's "Born To Run" at the Army post exchange at Fort Knox, I knew the title track, but what sold me was seeing that Springsteen recorded the album in the same studio with Iovine, Thoener and Stasiak as engineers or assistant engineers, so I knew the sound on "Born To Run" would be incredible, and it was.

Having Bruce Springsteen bend some ears is HUGE! I admire him for it. I think I first noticed Bruce in Circus magazine circa January 1974 when Ed Naha wrote an article on Raspberries. The same issue had an article on a new artist: Bruce Springtseen.

Speaking of Bruce's band, drummer Max Weinberg has fronted the house band on the Conan O'Brien show since 1993. He's another Raspberries fan --- he put out a series of CDs in 1994 on Rhino (probably out-of-print now) called "Max Weinberg Presents - Let There Be Drums." Each CD focused on the bands, by decade, that Max thought had the best drum sounds.

On "Volume 3, The '70s," Max chose Raspberries' "Overnight Sensation" as one of the tracks (along with tracks by artists such as The Rolling Stones, Ringo Starr and, you guessed it, Bruce Springsteen). I hope Max gets the guys on Conan (surely some Raspberries fans in matching T-shirts can grab the front row at a taping and chant "We want Raspberries!" until Conan yields the stage...)

Anyway, what Bruce is doing is totally cool and very exciting. I now return you to your message board...

Don smile

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or was that you knew a darlene who likes cranbury's, or was that a girl from cranbury who liked Raspberries....

................I'm outa here.

baby it's cold in here.

Lew, give darlene a blanket, 'she's so cold'

(like the Stones number)

Goodnight all

goodnight Lew

goodnight Gracie

goodnight Irene

............and you too Shawn

hey! what's he doing here?

someone call security!!

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The Darlene from Cranberry that I knew was all JUICED up...Pat, I think that the next time we go to a Raspberries show, we scope out this Darlene chick and make her buy us some drinks...Vodka and prune juice for me...(Its an old age thing)...These people better hope that Shawn isnt a Raspberries fan or its LIGHTS OUT...The ax is ready to fall Pat...We are gonna have to start our own web site...We can call it GOING FRUITTY OVER THE RASPBERRIES...QUICK...There's NOWHERE TO HIDE...We'll be STARTING OVER...LET'S PRETEND that they like us here and well stay...I CAN REMEMBER when it SEEMED SO EASY to post here...Oh, the hell with it...I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT...NOBODY KNOWS who we really are, anyway...

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Had to come out of EC.Com retirement for this one cool

Hey Lew, Pat.....fellers!.....you're in dire need of some manners!

I think Emily Post might be too advanced for you...(too much, too fast)......but I'm sure your local kindergarten would be glad to give you a refresher on basic human respect, ie:

- how to behave when you're new to a community

- how to treat a quality lady

- etc.

If you're up for it, I'll look into bringing one of my old-school nuns out of retirement...they always loved a challenge!

OK, back to EC.Com retirement for me.


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Okay, here I am, one of James' elementary school nuns, Sister Mary Raspberry! Lew and Pat, your comments almost turned me right PURPLE! I should take you boys out behind the convent to the raspberry bush and switch you both with an old raspberry vine! I don't beat around the bush, so you'll KNOW when you're being hit on, if you know what I mean...

When we send our girls out into the world, we want them to meet fine, upstanding young gentlemen like James, who definitely should stay out of EC.com retirement, so he can be a fine role model to the "young whippersnappers." Mind your manners now, and don't go tellin' all our young Virginias that "only the good die young."

smile --Sister Mary Raspberry

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