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California Roll Call


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LEW: Hi, Bernie. Glad to finally meet you. I'm here with my buddy Pat.

BERNIE: Really? I always thought you were the same guy using different names.

LEW: Hey, I'll prove it! Wait right here and I'll go get Pat so you can see for yourself that we're actually two different people.

BERNIE: Cool. Go get him!


LEW: Hey Bernie. I don't know where Pat went, I can't seem to find him anywhere!



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Bernie...I am glad that you recall that conversation that evening...I went to the concert with Pat and Dianed, along with Captain Harlock, and when they disappeared on me that night, they didnt beleive me when I told them that you were looking to be introduced...Paraventure, I should hang out with your crew instead of them...At least, I may have gotten a good seat for Mccartney...

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Bernie said, on [A Message From Eric] that tickets are going fast.

I just got my backstage ticket, today! I couldn't believe it, as I logged on to The HOB website. Thanks, Bernie and HOB for opening that back up. It was sold-out before. I was planning to go to San Diego, for saturday, and I guess they have another band playing saturday night in L.A. So, it's Friday, the 21st, in L.A. for The Raspberries. It's all working out. I was thinking of seeing two Raspberries shows for both cities, but, somehow, it was meant to be this way. But, I think it would have helped to have a radio interview with songs played, in San Diego. And then, the DJ could mention the concert a few times each week. spin

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Happy Birthday, Marv! In fact, have a BERRY Happy Birthday. I'm betting you will!

I'm so jealous of those making the pilgrimage to the West coast. Joyce (SallyG) and I will be keeping Jack Jones company.

You BET they'll rock Hollywood off its hinges. And you're right, Mike, some things are just "meant to be." Like no SD show. And, most of all, like Raspberries... Sometimes things need to go a certain way (that we can't understand at the time) in order to be successful. I'm not surprised tickets are selling quickly. I'm just beginning to understand why Raspberries didn't turn out the way they wanted to the first time around. It was meant to be NOW.

I'll *so* be there in spirit!

smile --Darlene

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