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California Roll Call


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Won't know about work travel schedule for awhile...but really hoping to make at least one show, preferably HOB. My friend in WeHo is psyched, so there will be 2-3 of us if that all works out. I'll confirm one way or the other as soon as possible. (The airfare is also a huge rub - already $400 from here, so I'd like to try and extend the trip if possible since I haven't been to LA for almost two years!)

Anyway - cross your fingers for me!


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I personally don't see myself as a "Dead Head" for this band. I don't *need* to travel everywhere they go and certainly survived missing the few mid-west gigs earlier this year that Kathy and I didn't attend. BUT I reckon L.A. will be another New York City -- that's the show they'll need to beat to keep the momentum going.

Anybody else out there think L.A. will totally completely CRUSH everything that's come before it? I thought so. See you there spin


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I'm new here....

Thought I'd register so that I can let those interested know I'll be at the San Diego show.

I bought my ticket at the box office the day they went on sale, and it looks like I will be in the front row.

I'm a fan of the band dating from the seventies.

I clearly remember watching them on " Rock Concert " back then.

Since I'm from San Diego, I'm able to give you out of town fans any advice you may want or need about San Diego. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

I've read some of the posts and stories on the show the band puts on, and it sounds as if I'm in for a treat.

If anyone would like to add to that, I'd love to hear from you !

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Svin, Welcome welcome welcome to the board! If you're a fan from the '70s, you really have some wonderful surprises in store for you here. This site and Raspberries.net will give you all the info you need to stay current and see the band as often as you want! Have fun! It *does* get addicting, but seeing them live on stage is a MIRACLE you won't believe!

smile --Darlene

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