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RASPBERRIES, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for making it possible for everyone to purchase reserved seats. I appreciate what a difficult line performers walk with venues, and it's pretty courageous to "go to bat" for your fans that way!

Holding reseved seats for high rollers is not a bad thing--it gives new people exposure to Raspberries. Moreover, some of those seats may be reserved for celebrities. I would give up my seat in a *heartbeat* to Bruce Springsteen!

It's gonna be a GREEEEEAAAAAAT show!

smile --Darlene

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Many thanks to the Raspberries for going to bat for their fans! If only the HoB had all the tickets available and on sale at the time they were supposed to they might even have had a sell out already. Now people who gave up looking this morning are going to dribble in between now and September 13 when those that don't hang here might think the on-sale date is now.

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Indeed--first, THANKS so much to Bernie for informing the band of our latest ticket plight--and then a BIG HUGE THANKS to all the Raspberries for looking out for us--and strong-arming TicketMaster into doing the right thing!


Light again!

--Larry (Bal C-Row I).

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Got my seats finally and I am very psyched. I saw them at BB Kings with my friend and I am excited to see them again with my husband. When I called HOB this afternoon they said they had no idea there was a problem and they would call me right back. Of course I am still waiting for their call. Luckly after reading the Posts about how reliable they are I checked ticketmaster myself. I have tickets in section c too so I'll see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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