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Raspberries Movie


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Eric - they broke the mould... a very special talent.. just happened to not meet John Lennon in the early 60's... Wally was the man too.. the rock n' roll time warp screwed them... I'm watching a cable special on J.L. as I talk.

Dave: Glenn Frey

Wally: Keith Richards/Pete T.

Jim: K. Moon

You think you got problems, watch John Lennon in bed in Montreal... he's got a handfull and Nixon on his back...


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I agree with you Steve, they did break the mold with Eric. I have never heard anyone that came close.

Last nigt on the CMA's a heard someone sing a very pretty song (I don't know his name but he was cute with a really nice manicured blonde beard. He came on towards the end of the show.) Anyways, while he was singing this pretty song I thought it was too bad he didn't have as nice of a voice as Eric's, the song would have been so much better with Eric's sweet voice.

How about John Stamos for Jim, they are both cutie pies wink and John did play with the Beach Boys.

June happy

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The Raspberries story would be more interesting then Oliver Stones "Doors" Movie... Johnny Depp doing Rose colored glasses is perfect. Ben Stiller is known for his comedies but I think there is some serious roles coming his way. I was thinking of actors today that could play the guys from the early years all the way to today... most of the suggestions are not actors.. anyone else?

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They should play *themselves,* who else?! And, hey, there SHOULD be a Raspberries movie. Maybe there *will* be.

Cartmill can be himself (strangled fairly early in the movie), I'll be Aunt Antonietta, Bernie and Kathy can be Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster, the fans can play themselves. That leaves Lew Bundles as a myriad of minor characters, all at the same time. hahahahahaha

smile --Darlene

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