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Mojo Nov. 2002

Aztec NW

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Everyone must read the short blurb on the Raspberries in the November 02 issue of Mojo Magazine. The article is called "The Rebirth of Cool". Great to have them recognized are the trend setter they were. I was just a little dismayed at their calliing Eric a "Barry Manilow style crooner" The article even mentions Bernie's great website. spin

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Hey! I just picked this issue up and the Raspberries article is FANTASTIC! It's a real treat to have a decidely pro-Raspberries article in one of the most respected British music mags. (The Berries didn't exactly set England's charts on fire in the '70s.)

Besides featuring a great color photo of the band (which I haven't seen before) and a great plug for this website, the article mentions our favorite fab foursome in the same breath with The Strokes, the Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, the Shoes, Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks, Who, Zombies, Left Banke and Badfinger among others.

This is exactly the kind of article we need more of. Something that sets the Berries into their rightful place in music history. A few more of them and we might be able to muster a groundswell for their rightful inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kudos to MOJO!

If I were you, I'd rush out to your newstand to buy this today. The issue features a great black and white Beatles cover photo and feature article (as if the Berries piece wasn't enough!) --Bernie

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Trust me, the "Barry Manilow" thing is more of a descriptive counterpunch to his jangly guitar laden power-pop Raspberries days. The article is certainly pro-Eric and most definitely pro-Raspberries. Many, many great things are said about Eric, his songwriting and the band. Pick it up!

My unwritten Press Archive policy is that I won't include articles online until they're no longer available on the newstand, so I recommend buying MOJO now instead of waiting amonth to read it here. --Bernie

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