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So, EC was actually talking to me through you?

How cool is that!

In that case, I'm sorry for making diet coke go through your nose EC and putting a permenant stain on the bass from Sir Paul McCartney. All I have to replace your loss is a towel with Gene Simmons (from KISS) blood on it. happy

I wondered why you wrote "Eric Carmen" under the message.

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Guess what, guess what, guess what !!! It's here, it's here, it's here !!! spinspin

Yes, that's right, I FINALLY got my autographed picture today..and what a great picture it is !!

Eric, thank you so much for taking the time to decide on just the right picture and for writing what I asked winkwink . (Now lets get a movin' on that concert !!)

Thank you, Al (what's his name??) for putting up with everyone's impatience about getting the photos out to us...and...

Thank you Bernie who makes this all possible.


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I can’t recall where I read it, but I think it was in St. Paul, MN that someone was complaining to the post office about mail taking so long these days. He commented that in 1859 it only took Pony Express two days to get a letter from St. Paul to St. Louis. The alert postal clerk responded “Yes, but the horses are a lot old now.†I guess that explains everything. wink

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The mule finally made it to Santa Fe. I received my picture today. I love the Raspberries logo on the address sticker. I didn't check, was it a scratch n snif? haha

Anyway the picture of EC and his guitar is AWESOME and EC's sinature & message to me in silver was fabulatastic!!

Thank you Al for doing this. If was very cool of you and you are a speci-AL guy.

Thanks to Bernie for having the contest and letting us make fun of them and their friends. This is what Life is all about and you two are very loving people.

And a special thanks to EC. You've touched me with your music for 4 decades, but, you've touched my heart 4ever.

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