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The results are in...and the winners are:

Picture #1: "I Weenie Be With You" —Jimmy the Nick

Picture #2: "If you believe that what we're doing is right, just close your eyes and be still..." —pauliemississippi

Picture #3: "I'm too sexy for my shirt." —popdude

Picture #4: "I just wanted you to see how things look to me without my glasses." —Foolin' Myself

Picture #5: "Remember folks...What happens at Bernie's, stays at Bernie's!" —dianed

Congratulations to the winners. If your entry has been selected, send an e-mail to Al Kaston at raspberriesmerch@sbcglobal.net and let him know how you want your autograph personalized, along with full name and mailing address. Al with get Eric to sign the photos and get them out as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!


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Dear Foolin'

Your caption made me laugh so hard that the Diet Coke I was drinking (I've maxed out on reg Coke this week) came up my nose and all over the priceless Hofner bass I was holding, personally given to me by Sir Paul McCartney. Now there is a permenant stain and it will never sound the same!

Thanks Alot! Best Wishes,

Eric Carmen

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It's hilarious reading all of these jokes. It would have been fun to hear these, because the effect is greater, I think. The good part of it all is that you see your own style come about, too. The most difficult were the Kosher jokes, for me. But, now I can see how to step those up, too. I'm lucky, because I have a Raspberries photo signed by the band, and guitar picks digitally signed by the band, including a pick signed by Jim, the drummer.

Fate's been so kind. And the downs have been so few.

Well, I guess you could say I was lucky.

And, I guess you could say it was possible, because of you..

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Congratulations, photo caption contest winners! I couldn't have judged this contest--all the entries were great--but the judges really chose dynamite captions!

So, Eric, when you spilled the Coke on your keyboard did Giorgio Moroder's score for "Electric Dreams" start coming out of your computer? haha

smile --Darlene

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