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Write a funny caption for any (or all) of roving photographer Al Kaston's "Weekend At Bernie's" photos in this thread. Everyone will be limited to THREE captions per photo. If anyone goes over, the Moderators will choose between the entries to limit each Member to three submissions. EC.com reserves to right to edit or disqualify entries as necessary. The contest will end one week from today. EC.com's Celebrity Panel of Judges (Eric, Jim and Al) will pick the winners and a personalized autographed photo from Eric will be awarded in each category. Have fun!


PS: Moderators and Celebrity Judges are not eligible for prizes but are welcome to contribute captions :-)

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Dammit! And here my day job is writing captions for photos... frown

I wish!

My job is to waste time on the internet when I'm supposed to be doing financial planning paperwork.

The fine art of stretching 4-5 hours of work into an 8-9 hour day.

Don't worry. I only charge the boss for the time I actually work. It's not like I work for the government...

So, ec.com addiction costs me time and money. mad

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