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Good News....


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I strted this new thread because I got tired of the "Bad News..." thread staying at #1 longer than the Beatles did in 1964 (well....almost).

So the good news is that:

1. Nobody died or got hurt

2. All Raspberry members are alive and well

3. Many concert venues have open dates for the next several years for Eric and/or Raspberries to fill

4. Even if item 3 never happens, we have lots of great memories and four great guys to thank for it (7 if you count Scott, Michael, and Bernie).

5. We have all learned to respect each others' opinions and love one another. (well...at least a little bit.....maybe).

Anybody else got any good news?


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Ok, Art, I'll share our good news! Our daughter, Laura, and her husband just got their first home for their little boys (ages 4 and 1-1/2.) I forgot how much energy an excited ADHD 22 yo has!!! We've been over there all weekend helping take down wallpaper borders and old paneling, taking out window treatments, scrubbing and painting... Moving in will be this weekend. What a joy it is to watch the boys running around telling everybody about their brand new bedroom that's going to be green! ROFLOL What a thrill for us to see!

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Great post, Art!!! Thank you!!!

I know you're originally from Cleveland back in the day, so you know our glorious boys and you know from whence you speak! You know what yer talkin' about!

Thanks for giving us a reality check and reminding us that it's not what *could* have happened, but what *did* happen that matters.

Too many people spend their lives in the shadows worrying about "what ifs" that never happen instead of basking in the sunshine and appreciating what *is* happening.

You're my kind of guy!

smile --Luv, Darlene

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My good news!? I got a part-time job--24 hours a week--but it has benefits! I will be an intake receptionist at the local hospital! This is good--it's from 2 to 10 PM--this will fill in my lonely evenings.

Benefits! Can you believe it--for a part time job! Actually, there is lots of room to move up to full-time and move into other positions once you get your foot in the door.

I think part time will be awesome to get back into the swing of things.



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Booyah Julie...good news indeed!

My good news is simple. Each day I get to be a father to my beautiful daughters and husband to my incredible wife. I get to work very hard and help families at the same time. Hurricane season looks to be winding down.

My baseball team is still in the hunt, although a strong sound of choking can be heard from them out of Queens, NY.....AGAIN! My football team has Brett Favre...so at least I could look forward to passes greater than 20 yards, though I loved Pennington when he was a Jet.

My family is healthy ..........everything else is just icing on the cake.


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