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"Hit Record" Among "500 Greatest Lost Tracks"


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This month in Great Britain's Q Magazine, the editors pick THE 500 GREATEST LOST TRACKS identified as the best songs you've never heard. The list, cross-categorized by style includes tracks by THE BEATLES, RADIOHEAD, BOB DYLAN and hundreds more!

Here is the list in the POP category:

141. Abc – How To Be A Millionaire

142. Altered Images – I Could Be So Happy

143. Annie – Chewing Gum

144. The Associates – Fire To Ice

145. Bread – Guitar Man

146. Kid Creole And The Coconuts – Maladine D’amour

147. Cristina – Is That All There Is?

148. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound – Kites

149. David Essex – Rolling Stone

150. The Glitter Band – Angel Face

151. Heaven 17 – I’m Your Money

152. Hello – New York Groove

153. Johnny Boy – You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve

154. Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties

155. Nick Lowe – I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass

156. Lulu – The Man That Sold The World

157. Billy Nicholls – London Social Degree

158. The Passions – I’m In Love With A German Film Star

159. The Raspberries – Overnight Sensation

160. Saint Etienne – Milk Bottle Symphony

161. Seelenluft Ft. Michael Smith – Manila

162. Sparks – Looks Looks Looks

163. Chris Spedding – Motor Bikin’

164. Dusty Springfield – How Can I Be Sure?

165. Judy Street – What

166. Tempramentals – I Could Let You Love Me

167. The Toys – A Lovers Concerto

168. Utada – You Make Me Want To Be A Man

169. Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire

170. Jenny Wilson – Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward


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I never quite understand any of the "Best Of" picks that come out of UK publications, mainly because they're UK-music centered. On this list I only recognized 4 songs.


well, I would hope that a UK publication's list was "UK-music centered".... like Canada, they do help their own & of course, there's A LOT of amazing UK music to seek out... so it's very easy to come up with 500 songs from 1955-2007 that make the cut.... it sucks that most of us haven't heard some of the GREAT stuff... hopefully, such lists will push people to seek such things out...

although judging from the list, some of it is dance-pop (i.e. Heaven 17, ABC, Associates, Altered Images, St. Etienne)...

Very cool to see the Raspberries side by side with The Passions... "I'm In Love With A German Film Star" is a gorgeous hypnotic female-noir pop single from the early '80s... a must have

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"On this list I only recognized 4 songs."

And isn't that one of the main reasons these songs are classified as "the best songs you've never heard"??? Quite a few of the songs in the overall list of 500 (not just the excerpt above) barely scratched the UK charts as well....

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I remember Overnight Sensation getting quite a lot of national radio airplay here on release. But it was competing with an avalanche of glam rock acts such as Sweet/Gary Glitter/Mud/Bowie etc and was too different from that mainstream I think to stand a chance of chart success. "Caught in a rock and roll timewarp" and all that.

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Even in the U.S., the timing wasn't favorable. People here were going away from am radio, but fm hadn't covered all the programming gaps, yet. The Raspberries were going from am radio darlings to fm serious artists, and stations didn't know where to put them in their formats. I used to hear "Overnight Sensation" on KMET (it was a hard rock station), and the DJ's sounded a little sheepish when mentioning Raspberries. It was pretty frustrating for Raspberries fans to have this great new album in their hands that was having trouble getting heard. arrgh Kirk.

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On THAT portion of the list I only recognize 3 songs...Bread, Toys and [of course] the Raspberries. I also only recognize 14 of the artists...including the 3 previously mentioned] Obviously I have more 'listening' to do before I get to pushin' up any daisies.

I FINALLY got around to reading 'Raspberries Tonight'...cover to cover...last night. WELL done. A good read. More story to come. I did take note of Eric's comment re: 'Hit Record'. I will keep it mind and use it with emphasis whenever I play the song on the public airwaves again. I ALWAYS used to use BOTH 'sides' to the title back when it was new...and later on as well...whenever I intro'd/extro'd it.

By the way...is it not sometime during March that the DVD/CD package many of us purchased recently is supposed to 'ship'?

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