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Another Poll...on Rolling Stone


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Rolling Stone has an on-line poll to celebrate their 35th anniversary. The editors are asking readers to pick the best albums ever recorded. Here's the address:


For the heck of it, here are my choices ñ and I preface this by saying that I don't believe that these are necessarily the "best" albums ever, just the 10 that I've enjoyed the most in my years of listening to music:

1. Pet Sounds - the Beach Boys

2. Hotel California - the Eagles

3. Running on Empty - Jackson Browne

4. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

5. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

6. Fresh - the Raspberries

7. Hearts of Stone - Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

8. Main Course - the Bee Gees

9. My Aim is True - Elvis Costello

10. Guitar Town - Steve Earle



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Nice list. I think this is a great opportunity for EC fans to list some EC/Raspberries albums. I will include I Was Born To Love You (Number 1), EC's first solo album, Starting Over, maybe all the Raspberries albums, Leftoverture and Masque by Kansas, Who's Next (The Who), Meet the Beatles and Rubber Soul, Wild Planet and the B-52's (B-52's), Van Halen (I&II and 1984), and maybe a couple by Styx and REOSpeedwagon.


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I would say that "Starting Over" by the Raspberries as well as Joni Mitchell "Court And Spark", Lynyrd Skynyrd "Second Helping", Bad Company (debut), Bachman/Turner Overdrive "Not Fragile", Stevie Wonder "Fulfillingness' First Finale" & Eric Clapton "461 Ocean Boulevard" are the best albums of the year 1974. Grand Funk "Shinin' On" is the worst album of that year. Matt

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Marvin: I have to agree with 2-3 of those top 10. Rumors, Pet Sounds and at least one Raspberries would be among the top 10. Let me think on it.I'd have to put one of the Beatles on there, Frampton comes Alive, Steely Dan Can't buy a Thrill, Todd Rundgren Something Anything, Zep IV, The Cars first one, Boston first one...This isn't my final list, I've got to look through my collection.

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My list would definitely have to include Pet Sounds, Beatles Sargeant Pepper, one by The Who, Eagles Hotel California, and all of Raspberries. I did love the Cars' first one and Boston's first also. Is that ten? I think that about does it, but when I discovered Raspberries, I kind of forgot about everything else, until Eric started making solo albums. I liked Fotomaker (Where Have You Been All My Life?) too. After I discovered Eric's music, I kind of forgot about everything else... --Darlene

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HEre are my top ten....some of these were introduced to me by Marvin.

1. Pet Sounds

2. The Pretender - Jackson Browne

3. Crime of the Century - Supertramp

4. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

5. Abbey Road

6. Side 3 - Raspberries

7. Change Everything - Del Amitri

8. Hotel California - Eagles

9. Jesus Christ Superstar - Soundtrack with Ian Gillan et al

10. Can't Buy a Thrill - Steely Dan

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