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Name your worst tracks


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Clearly we all have our favorites, and not so favorites. Are there others, like me, who have a mental checklist at these concerts?? If a new song appears, immediately I run through the list trying to figure out which song will get "bumped"..and it's always my fear that "If You Change Your Mind" won't make the final cut.

Gotta admit, after they perform that song, I relax a lot!!


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Hey I got no problem with it, but just a little surprised at the timing of threads like "worse track" or "clunker list". This isn't a shrine, and between us and Bernies moderation, it's been a great forum that accepts widely diverse opinions.

I've learned to use words such as "my favorite" rather than "the best"

The San Diego show got canned through no fault of them, just their historical track record of weak promotion. There is no question they are hot right now, but their human and it hurts to get a gig cancelled for lack of attendance, even when it's not your fault, and they sympathized with many of the fans predicament, which was charecteristically classy.

Post on, it's what it's for, but I'm going to hold off until at least another time with the "which song sucks the most" threads.

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I really like the songs "Change of Heart", "I'm Through With Love" and "She Remembered". Oh well, different strokes for different folks!

The one Eric Carmen song which I feel is underwhelming is "Hungry Eyes"...or as I like to call it "Bulging Thighs". From the first time that I heard this tune, it was obvious to me that Eric didn't write this song and in my opinion, it pales in comparison to his original material.

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Old thread, I know, but I wanted to chime in since I think this is an interesting topic.

I'm honestly a little surprised by the amount of posts about songs from the Change of Heart album. Maybe I just really enjoy the late 70s disco tinged sound, but I think "Haven't We Come a Long Way" is a great track: excellent vocal, decent instrumentation, and a few clever chord changes (as per usual with Eric). It is clear the song was a little rushed though, as there's some bum piano hits and the bass clearly plays a wrong note during the fade. 

I also think his cover of "Baby I Need Your Lovin" is solid; he really makes it his own in my opinion.

For worst Eric song I'd have to agree with other posters that mentioned "You Need Some Lovin" off of Tonight You're Mine. Admittedly, I didn't warm up to the whole album right away, but now I enjoy pretty much everything on there except that track. I feel like even Eric knew it was kinda weak by sequencing it right at the end of the album.

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