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Name your worst tracks


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Man, I love "Someday" and "Everything" (I knew musicians in Louisville who would play "Everything" backstage in 1976 before every show). I really feel Eric reached into his heart on those two songs and I still identify with the message they presented.

I don't care for "Isn't It Romantic" and the only Eric solo song I truly dislike is "You Need Some Lovin'" (though I adore the rest of the "Tonight You're Mine" album).

Don smile

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I know lots of people adore it, but, "Sunrise" makes me cringe. I always thought it sounded like something the "Brady Bunch Kids" would do. Just the words though--I like the melody.

And while I'm not terribly fond of "Lost in the Shuffle", it does have a great beat that's fun to exercise to.

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Those of you who don't like the cool, breezy, catchy "Isn't It Romantic" are officially banned from the board! Those bass rolls and acoustic guitar solo and the strong chorus make this little mellow diddy classic solo Carmen. Just because it's a little different than his other solo stuff, it seems some people can't appreciate something different if it's mellow.

One more negative comment about "IIR" and I'm gonna have my buddy GW audit your 2005 taxes... mad

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