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"Hangin' with" easter egg


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That Raspberries first album was the actual record Tommy Allen played when he first fell in love with the band. VH1 Classic asked if anyone had the first album to hang on the wall, so I called Tommy and he brought it down. Pretty cool, eh? Another sidenote is my brother Jim (who got a chance to meet the band at Saturday's NYC show) brought his first Raspberries LP for autographs. That was the first piece of vinyl I ever heard Raspberries on! Lots of history all around!


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I noticed the albums too, as I am a real background detail watcher! Also noticed Ken and Barbie hangin with the Raspberries. LOL!

Anyway, Bernie, that's so cool about Tommy Allen and your brother. I was lucky to meet Tommy at the Saturday NYC show, I was heading for the ladies room and he complimented me on my Raspberries shirt. He was so very nice and told me a little bit about the taping of the show...

All The Best,



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I spotted Ken and Barbie sitting on top of some records during the IWBWY performance.

The "Hangin With" the Raspberries episode was on last night and on Wednesday night!

BTY - Does anyone know what Dave is mouthing to someone off stage during the first (I think) interview segment of the show? When you watch it again it looks like he is trying to tell someone off camera something.


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