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WABcam Video Presentation...


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NICE work on the video,Bernie!! I have to say it...after these years of being a member and seeing other musicians websites...you put a lot of love into this!! I mean, there are freebies...info...wonderful people...and you even host a party at your own residence!!! Amazing!!! The only thing better than that would be for Eric to host it next year in Cleveland!!! Very nice summary of a great party!!

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Everyone head on over to the WABcam and watch the entire 12-hour party compressed down to 4 minutes—from set-up to sign-off.


PS: Just hit that little pause button if you want to study any of the WABcam pics—there are hundreds! A pile of actual photos from the event are coming soon, but this video should give you a taste for what it was like to be at the party. Enjoy!

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Thanks Bernie for putting all the fun into a 4 minute video! I had a blast watching on and off yesterday, and thanks to those I chatted with on the vitual WAB! It was almost as good as being there! I shared the fun with my 8 year old, he's becoming quite a berries fan! He now knows who Bernie, Kiwi are and of course Eric and Jim!

Sherry (Sher)

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THANKS Bernie, WOW...looks like a great time was had by all. I wish I had been there, but a good friend requested my presence at her wedding...so if WAB is on the 2008 calendar, I'll add it to my summer vacation schedule (along with a METS game)

Hoping to see you again soon...at a tour date, and hear about it in person.


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