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Bruce Springsteen's Final Dedication!


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From Milwaukee, WI on August 7, 2005:

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: "Yeah. Let me see. Let me sing one of these happy bastards. [laughter] Yeah, I write those, too, folks! That's right. The man does it all. That's right. [applause] I'm talkin' to myself. [laughs] In the mid '70s, I'd always be at Gloria's—three, four, five nights a week. I didn't have anything else to do. I always pictured this song…this is kind of one of those…man, I had this white C10 Ford pickup. And it was completely trashed and rusted out in the back, but I went all over in that thing. So I always picture me headin' down to the bar in this thing and there's somebody down there and I had this old cassette. Does anybody remember cassettes? [applause] Yeah, I had one of those. That's right. I had one. I actually had one. I did. [laughs] It was the "Best of the Raspberries," that's what it was. [applause] They were a Midwest thing. The group got no respect. All the power pop and everybody lookin' back to find great bands always forget the Raspberries. The Raspberries had all those great hits. And they made this one record, "Overnight Sensation." It's one of the best little pop symphonies you'll ever hear. Go out and download—but pay for it. [laughs] Get "Overnight Sensation" by the Raspberries when you go home. If you haven't heard it you won't be disappointed. So, I'm dedicating this to them."


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Don't rename it yet, Eric, till all Springsteen's fans buy it. cool

Bruce is a sweetheart, but he doesn't say anything he doesn't really mean. He can't put it into any plainer language--he digs Raspberries. I think it's absolutely warm and wonderful that he expresses it often to his fans in concert. A final dedication "this is for them" is really magnificent!!!!

Thanks, Bruce! You have SUPERB musical taste as well as superb talent.

smile --Darlene

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