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Also two of my favorite bands. The only real comparisons.....

Both were Beatle influenced bands

Both had 4 members

Both recorded on the same label as the Beatles

Both either played live or recorded Beatles songs

Both came into existence as the Beatles retired.

Badfinger was a completly different band than the Raspberries. However, The beatles were kind of two different bands over time. My feeling is that the Raspberries represented the carefree attitude of the Beatles in their early days, and that Badfinger sounded more like the Beatles' "later work" (More somber and messagey) I agree that No Matter What sounds like a Raspberries tune, I also think that "Come and get it" represented the Raspberries more than Badfinger.

Just getting my two cents in.

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"come and get it" was'nt that produced by mccartney?

yes.... & it was demo-d between the 'white album' & 'let it be' i think...

great break down of the differences between the two bands, bill c....

THE MAIN reason people compare the two bands was because both bands were an "anomoly" in the early '70s when such Beatles-influenced pop was way out of vogue...

kids who grew up loving British Invasion bands & west coast pop like Beach Boys, Byrds, Turtles found both bands as a godsend amongst a lot of bloated hippie rock, self-indulgent prog, meandering sensitive singer songwriters (some great ones, though), boogie rock, and the trivialization of AM radio... despite some fab bubblegum and soul...

Badfinger & Raspberries hit us like the BIGGEST ray of sunshine in 1971 & 1972 when it came out of the AM radios.... it was like "WHAT THE F*CK was THAT?!"

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I disagree with you,Pierson.ABM´s piano solo can be as self indulgent as prog rock.What do you think?

Right ..Im w/ you Carmen and they AL:L , at a time or more than another.. all steal n borrow from one another...its called 'A FACT OF MUSIC SUREAL LIFE'!



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I don't agree with you Carmen. Other than ABM there aren't any "self indulgent" Eric piano solos that come to mind.

Applying a tag of "self indulgent" to one song is to denigrate a body of work with a broad brush stoke. The solo, to me, is an integral part of that arrangement and the entire song is better for it.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


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not to steer OFF the eric beaten paiano mind.

one piano solo on record, that to me is the best solo by a guest pianist in POP is The The's tune Uncertain Smile sand Jools Hollands masterpiece of liberace like piano artisirty and melody, that to this day is not matched. well as far as IM concerned.no?

the Lp was/is called The The's.,,'SouL MiNing' from '83, aka Matt Johnsons almost one man band masterpPoPeice of Import gems. note: i always 'Hated' all by myself.............just my tatse that n debbie boones.you light up my Life are my all time worst 45's sorry but t me erics still a pop genious! ..just my personal tatse , and my spouse/lover of 28 yrs now. my musician man.. Drew Loves that tune.go figure?..

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all by myself reminds me of a lil teenage girl who sits crying cause her boy took off with her brother or something . its just .too piny n whiny for me but im the biggest beatlemaniac on earth noone loves the fab 4 like me,nooone ...and even they, to me at least , have 7 -8b oring stupid songs too ..NOONES GOD N NONES perfect ..

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