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Can't recall much Calculus, or anything else from high school, but I can recall word for word a number of MAD magazine articles. I can still sing the drug song to the tune of "Home on the Range" (Home, Home is sure strange / where the folks get toked up everyday / where my lady and me get high on LSD / and the chicks turn their tricks for no pay).

And to think, I was only about 8 years old at the time and had no idea what it meant!

I guess they probably should have used MAD as a textbook in school - we probably would have ratained a lot more.


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Well I totally disagree with Darlene and Marvin on this one. Celine Dion would TOTALLY ruin "Boats" on this one. She stinks for one and her voice is too screetchy and screaming for another. Let's try Madonna, Shania Twain or Jodie Massina BUT NOT CELINE! arrgharrgharrgh

Jo anne I'm no fan of Celine but I can hear when an individual is talented.Celine has great range and strength in her voice.I don't know how you could even mention shania and Madonna in the same sentence.They are average singers at best .Celine is a crooner big huge voice like Mariah,Barbera Christina.your not even comparing the same type of singers to one another.shania and madonaa sing songs that any karaoke singer could sing Celine sings songs that require much more skill and training.Lets see madonna sing ABM like Celine did Not a chance.She would have to use falsetto for th high notes .Celine hits them strong.anybody that has ever played and sung professionally will tell you that Celine is a great vocalist whether they like her or not.There really is no argument the proof is in the pudding.She sells millions of records because she is talented.
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Jeff that's a great thing happening on the Waite site, and a nice way for John to connect with his fans. Don't know how many questions get sent to John, but I'm guessing Bernie inundates Eric with many questions from the fans (I know that I've sent a bunch), so unfortunately over here all you get is the satisfaction of knowing Eric actually read your question and thought enough of it to answer it personally on the site.


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