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Reigning Sound guitarist likes Cyrus Erie


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Interesting article in Detroit's "Metro Times" about the band Reigning Sound --- http://www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=6531 --- a band that Steve Van Zandt, Jack White and The Hives apparently like.

The writer mentions that among the music the band's singer-guitarist Greg Cartwright plays on his stereo in his living room *during the interview* is Cyrus Erie (with future Raspberries Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson and Michael McBride):



I’m sitting in the living room of Cartwright’s two-story brick house, located in the tidy middle-class Asheville neighborhood where he and his family moved just a few months ago. Dominating one corner of the room is a massive old jukebox and a couple of guitar cases; across from it is the stereo, which Cartwright frequently steps to during the interview, spinning everything from vintage Everly Brothers and Motown to Lords Of The New Church and Eric Carmen’s pre-Raspberries outfit Cyrus Erie. Lining one wall are bookcases overflowing with music biographies, while looking down upon us from another wall is a framed copy of the Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace LP. The phone rings several times: a promoter wanting to book Reigning Sound for off nights during the Hives tour, the person taking care of merch for the tour, etc.



Don smile

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For fans of Memphis-style garage rock - Greg Cartwright was formerly known as Greg Oblivian of The Oblivians, and he's been in a slew of other bands, most notably the Compulsive Gamblers and Deadly Snakes....all of which, IMHO, were (and are, in the case of Reigning Sound) much better than The White Hypes...er, Stripes, whose success is primarily due to their press agent, NOT their music....which isn't that bad, but isn't that revolutionary or remotely original.

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This is very cool indeed. Fans of Raspberries, Eric and even pre-Raspberries groups are coming out all over the place. Something major is happening for sure! There's a Hindi saying, "Kuch, Kuch, Hota Hai," which means "Little by little, something's happening."

It sure is!

smile --Darlene

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