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GATW lyrics?


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I'm new here, and I hope that this question hasn't already been asked to death, but...what does Eric ad lib at the beginning of "Go All the Way"? Our local oldies station has a promo that sort of pokes fun at it; they announce the call letters, then say "the only station that proudly says 'Mah moo yeah'", and then plays the opening of GATW. :lol:

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Hi, Marnie! A hundred welcomes to you!!! You will love this board! Promise! Where are you from and what station is playing GATW and really giving it attention?! That's great!

I always thought it was Mama, yeah wooo! also.

It's a good question for the Ask Eric column!

Have fun with us!

:) --Darlene

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John Fogerty was on a recent episode of A&E "Live By Request", and he did "Bad Moon Rising." At that point of the song, he actually pointed to the right of the stage and sang "there's a bathroom on the right." The joke/misinterpreted lyrics hasn't been lost on the songwriter either.


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Marvin, That's okay. When you come out with your first cd, and it's a power-pop rap cd entitled, Reflections, Post-Reflections and Mo'-Reflections, we'll be sure to critique it for you.

Since you're so quick to want to export WD, I think *ERIC* should be the first critic to write his review. ;)

:) --D

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