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Ay Caramba!


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Don't look at ME? I didn't forge that logo! I used to do similar forgeries years ago when I was secretary for the Raspberries Fan Club, and wasn't senile yet, but I didn't do THAT one!

--Aunt Antonietta 75 year old senile secretary who has no business sticking her nose into this


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What do you mean you used to do Forgeries??? What kind of woman are you? We thought you were this sweet lemonade pushing quiet little music teacher. Now we find out you're a 'sneaking in windows, hot for Eric's white jumpsuit, smokey trashy bars, forging Raspberries stuff" kind of woman???? Well, knock me over with a feather... I never would have imagined you were THAT BAD! Does that mean all the "Eric Carmen" autographs on E-bay really belong to you?

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