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Motley Crue-Tonight


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I finally got a chance to hear Crue's version of Tonight. I dled it from Itunes to my Pod.

Hmm...you know this reminds me of Plane Jane's rendition of GATW. They both have that "hair band" 80's sound. Not too bad actually. I enjoy hearning other bands interpretations of the 'Berries music.

Anyone know of other cover versions of 'Berries tunes?

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I believe that they recorded this back in the 80's at the start of their career...but never released it until 2003. Of course it lacks the distinctive elements of a 'Berries song...Eric voice and Wally's guitar, The guitar solo is particularly weak...but again overall I like to hear alternative versions of the boys songs.

Frankly I've never been a Crue fan....but I gotta admit the lead singer (Vince Neil?) has a very distinctive vocal style. Now that I have the greatest invention in the history of mankind (Ipod smile ...I want to fill it up with new material.

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Mick Mars is a competent axegrinder, but Vince Neil is a pretty weak singer, almost like a teenybopper.....maybe he should have been in a band named the "Raspberries", or maybe the "Dingleberries." Not a good version IMO; heck my old band did a better version of this.

I'm surprised the rest of the band took him in, but then Mick is/was the only one worth a contract IMO.

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