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I was walking around NYC's upper west side yesteday, spotted a tiny 'hole in the wall' CD store, stepped in and found myself surrounded by Raspberries and Eric Carmen signage, CD's and records. Behind the cash register...on display...were all four of the 'berries albums. With my hand already to whip out my wallet, I asked the guy behind the counter "Has that got the 'scratch and sniff' sticker still on it?" It didn't, but he and I both smelt it to be sure.

Seeing my interest in the LP's he pointed behind me and there, prominently displayed, were all four of the 'berries NEW CD's. This place is pretty small, so having four CD's displayed...at eye level...was a sight to behold. (I'm one of those fans who always moves EC & 'Berries CD's to the front of the bin for everyone to see. No need to do that here!)

But wait...there's more!

On our way out the person I was with grunts "Oh God" and points to the wall. (She's not a fan, and finds my whole infatuation with the band a little bizarre.) Hanging there on the wall is Eric's first solo LP, still with its golden shine, framed and autographed!

The owner of the shop (who wasn't there) is huge fan. Obviously. The guy behind the counter loved 'em too, which just left my friend shaking her head. The whole adventure left me smiling!

Thanks NYCD for making my day!


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Dave, What a great story. This place is a TREASURE! I have to go find it. How many bizarrely, unexpected and wonderful things are happening this year! This stuff just wasn't happening before the reunion show! I'll say it again--things are unfolding just the way they should be! Raspberries are in the air...Just out of nowhere tonight, Herman brought home raspberry sherbet and served it after dinner! We're just going to have to get used to the world learning that life is just a bowl of...raspberries!

My old boyfriend would be surprised to know that my apartment in the '70s wasn't the only place with a Raspberries "shrine," as he called it.

smile --Darlene

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Dave, I went to the CD shop today. It's a very small but cool place,isn't it? If you hadn't told us,I probably never would have found this shop.

Bernie , If you want to check it out, it's almost the corner ( northeast ) of 81st and Amsterdam.

Kazumi smile

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