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Paul Stanley, Brian Wilson, Artimus Pyle, Dickey Betts Show Up For Rock Camp Contest


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I first saw this in Sunday's newspaper at the gym this morning. The story, along with the Oscars were all on the front page of the whole newspaper! See photos, too. And number 5 from the balcony. Paul is photo one, or click on Headline photo. Click on front pages' photo of Rock 'n' Roll Dreams for audio of Lisa's story :

It was at the famous House Of Blues, on the Sunset Strip where The Raspberries lastest DVD was taped. What an exciting event!! Also in attendance were Poison's lead singer, Guns 'N Roses Keyboardest Teddy Andreadis, Go-Gos' Jane Wiedlin, Bad Companys' Simon Kirke, Night Rangers' Kelly Keagy, and Clem Burke of Blondie.


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Scroll further down for Camps' who's who, including Brett Michaels, lead vocalist of Poison, Steve Vai- Frank Zappa's guitarist, Queen's keyboardest Spike Edney; Bassist Gary Burr who wrote 13 number one hits, Spencer Davis, and Grateful Deads' drummer Mickey Hart.

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Hey Mike, that's really cool!! If I had $9,500, I'd have to give it a whirl just to say I did it!!

I like the fact that there are artists from every "area" of music....from southern rock to hard rock and everything in between.

I think if this were made into a "reality show"...I'd actually watch this one!! Cool way to get a bands name out there!!


P.S. I wonder if the money is donated to charity?

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You got one I missed, Bob. I don't know that Sandy still plays.

It looks like there will be a prize on Monday, Ronda, February 26th for the finals. Hopefully, double what they paid. I would think they are taping the finals. That would be a fun show to do. Then, pitching the concept to T.V. and Cable stations. Tape three separate finals and what led to the finals, then air it later for two or three weeks to start.

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