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I Find Myself Listening To Eric When...

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Well, when I have a headache. I noticed when I have a headache I always do the same thing, put on a CD, relax, and I feel better. This made me think about the times I enjoy listening the most, and I was wondering when everyone else enjoys listening. Do you listen on a daily basis? Do you listen, whenever, where ever possible? Are you so busy that you really don't have time to listen? Do you find that time really flies while listening and doing housework.

Here is my list:

10. Outdoor BBQ in the summer. Volume on high. Hey, I don't mind sharing this music with the neighbors.

9. Playing albums/CDs for my little nieces (must pass along this great music)

8. Background music while reading a book.

7. Baking cookies.

6. Headache

5. Going to Denny's, playing the jukebox, 3 plays for $ 1.00. I play GO ALL THE WAY 3 times in a row :P

4. In the car.

3. A nice hot bath

2.Working out

Drum roll please

1. :lol: Well, now how do I say this :lol:

Lets just say.....who needs Barry White!

Ok, it's your turn.

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Gina, That was a great post! You pointed out some of the most perfect times to listen to Eric/Raspberries music. Some of yours are mine too. Here's my list:

10. Ditto. Exactly the same. Volume on high!

9. For anyone who will listen! And always for me.

8. Me too.

7. Don't have time to back cookies, but listen while I do lesson plans or anything else on the computer.

6. I get migraine headaches sometimes, and can't stand light or noise, but I bring the CD player into the bedroom and listen, and I always feel better.

5. When I'm practicing the violin (most every night), I take an "Eric break" and put on a CD and improvise accompaniments to it. Usually I have so much more fun doing that, that it ends my practicing and I wind up playing along with Eric for about 2 hours ... But I'm always in a better mood than I was before I started!

4. Definitely in the car! Traffic jams don't me when I listen.

3. A nice hot bubble bath -- a few candles, you get the idea...

2. Can't listen while working out, because I want to quit and do nothing but listen (and I really need the motivation to work out!)

1. Whenever I clean the house, I put on "I Wanna Be With You" and fly through everything. That song even puts me in a good mood when I'm cleaning! Now THAT's a miracle...


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1-In the car, the good thing about cruise control is it saves me a ticket when the 'berries are rockin

2-Going to sleep at night -- Winter Dreams was written for this purpose I'm Sure

3-Working in the yard -- loud and louder

4-At shut down time after a gig -- a good night drink and Eric over the PA

5-In the office at work -- makes the paper work go better

6-Those romantic times with my wife -- hewhehehhe

7-At parties where people make comments like "I don't know what that is, but I like it!"

8-While playing around on the computer

9-Just before I try to write -- no I don't steal lines, I merely borrow the influence

10-Working out in the morning -- great way to start the day

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My best opportunities to listen are as I sit at my computer (I'm a freelance writer, so I'm in front of my home computer A LOT), and in the car. The car can be tough if the trip is short - I find I would rather sit in the car and finish the song or the whole tape (no CD player in my car yet) than get out and deal with whatever I need to be doing. I've been driving "all by myself" to Lake Tahoe to ski about once a week this winter, about 1-1/2 hours away, and my Raspberries tapes have been great company!

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