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Radio triple play

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Last Saturday it happened! An Eric Carmen triple play. I was crusin' around The Garden State (dropping off my taxes and a quick trip to the Jersey Shore) listening to the radio. I was listening to "107.1, The Breeze" play "All By Myself". (That station plays Eric A LOT!!) As soon as the song ended I pushed the button to "106.7 Lite FM"..."Hungry Eyes" was playing. When it was over I started listening to a local AM oldies station out of Trenton (1260 WBUD)...and immediately after "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More" was over, "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" came on!

Now that's cruisin' music!!


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Dave, that is bizarre - but just the day before I called GE Fleet Services and was put on hold to hear all of Hungry Eyes. As soon as it ended, the call dropped. I called back a half hour later and while on hold, ABM played, then the call dropped. The next time I called, the hold music played Shawn Cassidy's "Hey Deanie", and the call dropped. I never got through to a service rep - but it must have been Eric Carmen day on MUZAK.

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