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Cleveland Plain Dealer Article


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Tony c, I'm hoping too, I cannot wait to find out from everyone how it was, It's too much of a suspense.

I was reading on Kays site on one of the articles, their's only TALK of the guys touring Japan.

Hey, what about Canada, right?

If they do fly to Japan, they certainly can come to Canada and play, NO BUTS, Or Ifs.

I cannot wait, it's driving me crazy!

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Hope everyone got a copy of Saturday's paper. The Raspberries made the FRONT PAGE!!!!! I'm not talking the entertainment section, I'm talking the FRONT PAGE of the paper!

There was an article (and color picture from the show) titled "Diehards Just Wanna Be With Raspberries" and had comments from several people on the board included.

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Oh, impatient ones! Easy does it, one step at a time. They're doing it the right way, and will make all the correct decisions. As for me, I just want to enjoy this right now, just "stop and smell the roses..." And the roses (I mean the Raspberries!) smell pretty sweet right at the moment!

smile --Darlene

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