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On The Beach Least Fav Raz Song

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Well, I LOVE "Get It Moving" ('cause it does!), and I've always liked "R&R Mama" for the long solo Wally gets at the end. Usually they try to keep 'em fairly short. A great example of Wally-style guitar mastery.

"On The Beach" has one of the great bridge/middle 8's in the whole Berry catalog! One where Eric really pulls off the "make it sound like it changed keys when it didn't" trick that he talks about in The Book.

Your milage may vary....

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Wow! I didnt expect nearly 100% of people responding to my email would all say they like On The Beach. Maybe I need to relisten to it as I normally skip it when it starts to play. I would be interested know what songs in the Raspberries catalog you consider your least favorite. Some have indicated but most have not.

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I agree with Bill C, "Rock & Roll Mama" and "Get It Movin" are the 2 worst...the only 2 in the Raspberry catalog that you sense are filler type songs....I'm sure Eric Carmen had penned several songs better than these 2 but for political reasons they didn't get on the album

.....just me surmising.

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I love "On The Beach," but I usually edit it for tapes in the car --- take out the seagulls and and ocean wave sounds, and the song is a bit more fun to listen to.

I used to love the seagulls and ocean wave sounds, because they reminded me of The Shangra-Las "Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)" and Lesley Gore's "California Nights" (since Eric said in 1973 that Lesley was his favorite female singer, you need to hear "California Nights" (she lip-synched to it on an old "Batman" episode) to understand why), with some early Brian Wilson thrown in.

These days, I just think the song flows better without the seagulls and ocean waves. Those harmonies and electric piano are to die for, I might add.

Of course, when you play the song backwards it does say "Got Milk?"...

Don smile

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