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Raspberries Live Album


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Hey Marlene, that's the spirit! I know there have been rumblings about a live release lately, but now that the Cleveland Plain Dealer has made it public- IT'S TIME TO GET EXCITED, FOLKS spin Maybe Bernie can give us a little more info. Like, will it be a cd or a dvd? I talked to the guys video taping the show for the band at L.A. (there were 2 cameras), but I heard that they stopped filming part way through the show. I didn't notice, as I was in front of them. Also, would it be a sound board recording or? I stuck my head into a room full of equipment at the back of the HOB in L.A., but I can't remember what the guy said about recording the show when I asked him. If it's a cd, one or two? I would hope that they didn't cut anything just to make it fit on one disc. C'mon, Bernie, we're all ears wink Kirk.

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Great news!!! At the risk of being greedy, I hope it's at least a 2 disk set which includes the entire show.....(or better yet, the whole show plus bonus tracks from the other shows of somgs they didn't do that night in LA.....just a bonus EP of live Beatles covers would be nice..)

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John O, good thoughts. Can I be so bold as to post my own wishes?

I like what Capitol did with perhaps my favorite DVD ever, the George Harrison tribute bash, because it had a 2-DVD set plus a companion CD release. For Raspberries, I'd personally love to see the same: a 2-DVD set with a companion CD.

Disc 1 on the DVD might include one entire concert, start to finish. Disc 2 of the DVD might include:

* selective performances that represent the best of the other concerts;

* a few behind-the-scenes things;

* the VH1 performances (all of the songs)

* and, of course, Bernie's concert-opening video, which I've heard about but (as one of the unfortunate souls who never got to a Raspberries concert) never saw.

As for the CD, I'd love to see a 20- to 24-track compilation of the best live performances from the whole tour, PLUS the slow version of "I Wanna Be With You" from VH1. In a perfect world, "IWBWY" would catch on as a hit record---and become #1 smash 34 years after it first charted. Wouldn't that be just desserts?


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LC, I think you and me think alike on this one. I would love to have a DVD of a whole show and then another with the extras. The CD they can put inside the box or outside. Inside is best, it would get more people to see them preform. How wonderful would that be? They have all this tape they might as well put it to good use and charge more money. I'd pay more for it. Now, what year do you think it "might" come out?

June happy

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What happens in Los Angeles, STAYS in Los Angeles, right Mar? haha

I've been away from the site so long (!) that I just found this thread now! eek You know the old saying, "a watched pot never boils..." Maybe I should leave more often--BIG development here!

WOW!!!! LC sure planned out a dream package there.

I *knew* something was happening--I could just feel it, but had no idea what. WOWWWWWWWWW!

Hey, Mar, all the "hard work" you did in that Los Angeles hotel is paying off!

Oh dear, frown , did *I* say that?!

I *told* you all to be patient! What anticipation!


smile --Darlene

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Hey, thanks, June and Darlene! Wouldn't it be nice to get that kind of package? (Not that we're asking for too much....)

Of course, not having seen any of the reunion shows, I'd be happy with just a single-disc presentation of a dozen songs. But why not think bigger?

Re: the CD companion... I really do think "I Wanna Be With You" could score again as a single. Remember how Clapton's unplugged version of "Layla" became such a big hit in the early 1990s? It's the same thing. The Raspberries' slow version of "IWBWY" has such a nice "honesty" to it, and real passion. Nice ballad. I even hear a bit of gospel in it, at the beginning, when the first backup vocals come in.

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I saw it well in Chicago. The melt from the film to the curtains opening onto "I Wanna Be With You" gave me a full-blown outbreak of goosebumps.

That was my most moving concert moment of my life.

P.S. Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie fighting over who got to party with me after a FMac concert comes in a close 2nd wink

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LC, I think the slow version of IWBWY would be a hit also. I thought it from the first moment I heard the opening chords on "Hangin' With..."

The opening montage should be in a DVD collection for sure. I had tears streaming down my face in Cleveland at the very first reunion show when that screen rose and there they were.

I would pay admission to see Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie fight over who was going to party with James--but then I'd walk over and take him away from them. happy

smile --Darlene

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