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That 70's show

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I know that there was a previous episode from a few years ago when Eric and Donna broke up and the next morning, Eric's alarm clock went off and it was playing "All By Myself". When he tried to turn the dial EVERY station was playing it!

Anyone know where to purchase an alarm clock that only plays EC songs?

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Oh BOY, did I laugh when I saw the promo last night for the next episode of "That 70's Show" - I will never hear "All By Myself" again and only think of Eric!!!

My husband looked at me and just burst out laughing - he knew it was all over for me! Even my kids turned to see if Eric was singing on the TV and laughed when they realized what it was about!

Doesn't Eric get royalties every time someone uses his music? What about on "American Idol" when the one contestant sang "All By Myself" last week?


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I'm sure that in his wildest dreams Eric could not have imagined that "ABM" would become the money maker that it has, or that almost 30 years after he wrote/recorded the song, that it would still be receiving prominent exposure. Like it or not, the song has legs.


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I think the producers made the right decision not to use it in the show. There really wasn't an appropriate place for it. But using it in the promo was VERY FUNNY! Made me look, made me laugh, and most importantly made me watch. So, as far far as TV show promos go, that one was a home run.


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