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I'm tired of playing games


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On behalf of the mostly anonymous readers, Thanks for the entertaining posts! As much as I love Eric's music and the Raspberries, I have to admit I chuckle out loud like a grade 8 at some of the twists and jibes found on this great board. Find me another board like this - I haven't seen one.

How about The Raspberries/Strawbs/Vanilla Fudge triple bill? Maybe the Motors could open up, but just play "airport" and then actually fly away on a small aircraft.

The Raspberries are the bananas....(to quote a 1972 ad)

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For you is great, the studio version and album "Greg Kihn again" is pure pop magic. I don't think Greg reads these posts, so I'm not worried about gettings sued for slandering his name. Maybe there are other Greg Kihn's out there too! After all, I bought all their albums many times over, just like Eric and Raspberries material.

However I must admit it is sad how Greg and his band had such potential (1970 - 1983) which kind of got diminished by job hazards. When Greg hits a good note it's awesome - when he's off, well..

Check out this old one!


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The Rutles rule!

There was a time when I liked the Rutles c.d even better than the Beatles. It was a Beatles parody funded by good old George himself.

Favorite Rutles song "With a girl like you".

P.S What is the topic? I'm tired of playing games too, last night I played Risk and monopoly back to back smile

Something to be said about stream of consciousness.

Hey Marv - I'm curious as I am 15 years younger than you, if you ever could somewhat tolerate the best of my favourite 80's Canadian bands like

1) Frozen ghost

2) FM

3) The Payolas

Thanks for turning me on to Venice by the way!

I appreciate expert dissections of music a la Marvin and Don (great reviews of Fotomaker et al.)

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I actually enjoyed Frozen Ghost -and- The Greg Kihn Band shows in 1985 & 86 at SUNY Geneseo!

86 - The FG guys were really cool...after the show most of those in attendance thought they'd make it big. One of the few times I was inspired to buy a record by a brand new artist, immediately after hearing them for the first time.

85 - Greg was mismatched with Modern English, and had a poor crowd that night. His attitude about it definitely showed. But he played that cool Vox 12 string.

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Awesome recollections Paul!

I just ordered Frozen ghost "Essential 20th century masters" from Amazon, which features their best tracks. The songs are really great, production, musicianship wise from an 80's perspective. They have a perfect ballad called "Dream come true" and their U.S modest hit single "Shall I see" still sounds great. I'm a defender of good 80's pop/rock - for jogging at least worth a spin.

It's always good digging deeper and finding music that might sound even better today than it did back then.

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After reading back through most of the posts in this thread, the general consensus seems to be people would be interested in hearing Eric's music in concert with the 'berries if it meant that advertising/promotion was done in a way that would entice more fans to attend, i.e. build up more interest.


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