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Eric solo show: Set List


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Hmmm. Do you think EC might cover "Kashmir" Oct 6th??..That would be quite interesting actually.

Yes, there are so many great pop/rock tunes incorporating orchestra or octet scores. Some of my favorites..

"A Day in the Life"

"Madman Across the Water."

"Nights in White Satin"


"Dont Make Me Over"

etc. etc. etc........

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Most recently, Brian Wilson used orchestras in various cities on his "Pet Sounds" tour. The orchestra would start with an overture of various BW tunes, then he'd come on with just his touring band and start the show with a very short set, followed by "Pet Sounds" in its entirety with the orchestra, then a closing short set with just his band. All 4 shows I saw (and one - in Baltimore - sans orchestra), were great! Likewise, Arthur Lee & Love used strings and horns (10-12 pieces) on their "Forever Changes" tour a couple of years ago.

Arthur, BTW, was diagnosed fairly recently with leukemia, and the prognosis is not good. I believe a couple of benefit shows have been planned on the West coast to help defray his medical bills.

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I personally am very grateful for the 95% heads up.

Since it wasn't released on it's own, I think ICRLY may be a candidate as a great new Raspberries song.

For those of you that missed it, Eric and the 'dubs at the Hall of Fame show did one hell of a version of Make Me Lose Control, and Eric doing Boats, well you just had to be there. He'll say his throat was dry from the hour of hot lights and interviews, the 160 of us that were there will say we all sat there stunned with our jaws open over what we just witnessed.

And now with an orchestra...? Magic

Film it, record it. Sounds like an acoustical dream.

Seattle Steve

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I can't think of one of Eric's songs I don't like, so to be fair to everyone, I think an all day concert would be in order and satisfy everyone. That way they could make money on possibly serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner too!! laughlaugh

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Not sure of a whole set list/wish list, but this seems like a good time to put forth a medley I've always wanted to hear...more of one of those "melding" of two songs things, than just snippets of each back to back...you get the drift...

"Love Goes on Forever" by Lesley Gore and "Let's Pretend". I've heard it in my head for years and now I really want to hear Eric, sitting at his piano, sing it.

I've always wondered if "LP" wasn't partially inspired by that one line in "LGOF"..."...every let's pretend that had to end..."...especially given that EC was (is?) a fairly avid LG listener. So, Eric, did "LGOF" perhaps play at least a subliminal part in that title? smile


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It was originally released on the "California Nights" LP - recorded 11/30/66. It's also available on her "Greatest Hits, Volume 2" album and "It's My Party, The Mercury Anthology" two CD set. (The double CD was released in 1996.) Hope that helps.

It's still going through my head today though it came up in my iPod shuffle 24 hours ago, and I've heard many things since. Since I seem to "imagine-hear" different arrangements for several of her songs, just thinking about it makes me ponder yet again what you would do with the arrangement of the "melding".


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I think a Piano acoustic montage would be great somewhere in the middle of the show. Giving us bits and pieces of things like I Was Born to Love You, My Girl, Starting Over, Let's Pretend, She Remembered, Great Expectations, The Way We Used To Be, may be a couple of others, then roll into ABM--


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