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Eric solo show: Set List


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I think Eric's being very generous with the lead time (five months), which allows me to set some money aside for a trip. Eric gave us all a "heads up" on an event that *might* happen, something that shows he does care about his fans. I think we all appreciate that. I wish more artists did that.

If we get a solo show, I'd love to hear a medley of Eric's Beach Boys-inspired tunes ("Drivin' Around," "On The Beach," "Cruisin' Music," "My Girl," "She Did It," "Someday") --- that was one treat I loved for years on the later Raspberries LPs and then on the first solo albums (seemed like an Eric Carmen "tradition" at the time), each with a Beach Boys-inspired song that was as good as Brian Wilson's best work (and I love Brian Wilson). At the very least, I'd love to hear "Someday" done live.

Don smile

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Marvin, we are indeed on the same page --- I've always viewed Eric as the 6th Beach Boy. I remember an old Phonograph Record Magazine "Beach Boys issue" where Eric described each of The Beach Boys as a specific musical instrument --- neatest commentary I've ever read.

Now that I think about it, I could see "Sunrise" as part of a Beach Boys-inspired medley, but I'd rather hear the entire album version done live (actually, I was just imagining that if Eric ever did an orchestra tour city-by-city (the Louisville Orchestra has "Pops" concerts with major artists, and I imagine most major cities do that as well), how cool that would be with a full orchestra playing behind it...)

Don smile

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I believe that there would be a demand to take this solo show to other cities, and it goes without saying that much of Eric's solo material would sound majestic with an orchestra behind it.

So to elaborate, Part 1 of the show would be the orchestral-type songs:

"Boats", "ABM", "Devil", "Desperate", etc...

Part 2 could be the songs that benefit from having a band:

"That's Rock and Roll", "It Hurts too Much", etc...

and of course Part 3 would be our Beach Boys-inspired music!


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I like the chances at 95% and if things don't work out for the 6th of October...we'll go to Plan B....

I agree with Darlene, we need to trust him on this.

As far as the set list is concerned, it might be easier to come up with a list of songs that we "wouldn't" want to hear live!!!

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gotta put my two cents in for what it's worth..but if eric IS indeed doing a solo outing,i hope he does more rockin stuff as opposed to the ballad material..i think his rockin songs need to be more exposed than the softer!! eric can rock like no other,but the ballads seems to be what the general public know him to be..i disagree w/that presumtion!!! lol,chris

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I posted this in Eric's 'Oct 6 spot,' but didn't see this thread, Marv!

May not be popular with some of ya but if "Last Night," "Sleep With Me," "Boats...", and "Cartoon World" are played, I'll be quite happy.

And, YES..."It Hurts Too Much" and "Sunrise"...the latter with some strident but 'smooth' backing vocals, much like on Eric's 1st solo record. Wow.

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I'm hoping Eric decides to include "Ecstasy," "On Broadway" and the slow version of "I Wanna Be With You."

It would be a dream come true if Eric would be able to take this show to NYC for a performance at Carnegie Hall. Oh the goose bumps! psych

We went to the Grand Ole Opry at Carnegie Hall last November and all the artists, mostly well-seasoned, were in awe of the place. eek The acoustics were incredibly amazing, too, of course.

All The Best,


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