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Eric solo show: Set List


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In my band, I'm the one responsible for putting together the Set List. As Eric has mentioned, it is something that requires a lot of thought and an understanding of the audience. With that in mind, here's my Set List for a solo show. It includes songs that will satisfy those who want to hear the 'hits', the long-time fans, and it will satisfy those who want to hear the obscure songs. It also includes some songs that aren't necessarily my faves, but songs that Eric is probably obliged to do:

1. Sunrise

2. American As Apple Pie

3. She Did It

4. My Girl

5. Desperate Fools

6. The Way We Used to Be

7. Someday

8. It Hurts too Much

9. I Could Really Love You

10. Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea

11. Cindy In the Wind

12. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

13. Boats Against the Current

14. Hungry Eyes

15. All By Myself

16. I Wanna Be With You (slow version)

17. Go All the Way

18. Make Me Lose Control


1. Hey Deannie

2. That's Rock and Roll


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I'm not picturing any solo show that doesn't include "Overnight Sensation."

Also, an argument could be made for "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and "Change of Heart."

I would can "She Did It," it never came across well live, but I think "Runaway" would be a great addition. A Rockin version of "Walk Away Renee" would bring the house down.

And of course he's never getting out of the building without playing "Born To Love You."


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Hey Marv, that's funny; In your 'one man's opinion' thread, after the orchestra played the "Desperate Fools" Overture, the long intro into "Sunrise" was going to be the interlude, and the -blank- was the song "Sunrise". I guess Eric will be getting all kinds of unsolicited help on this one :)Kirk.

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We each have our own idea of the perfect set list....but some glaring ommissions IMHO:

"No Hard Feelings"

"Love Is All That Matters"

"Foolin Myself"

"Inside Story" (think it would be a real good concert song)

..& I agree "Run Away" would be strong live.

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A set list is all very subjective. I didn't include certain songs that others have simply because I don't like the songs. That's ok. No one will ever come up with the perfect Set List, because no such list exists. We all have songs that we want to hear but since this looks like a 'one-night only' deal, Eric would have to play for more than a couple of hours to satisfy everone's requests. My belief has always been that if a band has an eclectic mix in their set list, they keep the audience's attention, and keep themselves from falling into a rut of predictability. The only point I'd argue is the inclusion of cover songs. As much as I love "Walk Away Renee", "Baby I Need Your Lovin'", and "Caroline, No", Eric has a tough enough decision choosing from his own catalogue.


p.s. Eric if you really want to throw a curve at people and want to include another 'hit', you could consider the other version of "Change of Heart."

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Brian you are correct. There will be some people who if they come to the show, will be doing a great deal of traveling (Julia in England, Jennifer in CA, Jay and Steve in Seattle etc.) If I come ALL THE WAY from Calgary, I will get down on my bending knees and ask Mr C for a personal request.


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Not to get everybody salivating or anything, but let me throw in a quote from Mr. Carmen himself.

"Preparing for a single show takes just as much work as an entire tour..."

Can you say "An Evening With Eric Carmen" presented by the House Of Blues."

Sort of rolls off the tongue real easy doesn't it?.

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Was working out and this is what invaded my mind while running/riding my bike:


Make Me Lose Control

I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips

::::1st three back to back to back:::::::

Eric Carmen says hi to audience and gives some background on and introduces:

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

My Girl

Lights off, My Girl fades into 30 second drum solo/intro to:

That's Rock & Roll

Desperate Fools

She Remembered

Foolin Myself

Boats Against The Current

Rock out of ballad set with:

Inside Story

Hurts Too Much

Sleep With Me

Love Is All That Matters

Cartoon World

All By Myself

and last song:

Run Away


Take It Or Leave It (little longer, harder, fuller than studio version)

With lights off Eric Carmen & band play:


small pause, LIGHTS COME ON, there's WALLY on lead guitar, THEY BUST OUT INTO:

No Hard Feelings

Encore 2:

Hey Deanie (longer,full blown, no holds barred version)

Encore 3:

Starting Over

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I know what ever you add you have to ask what do you drop. It's a pretty good and long set Marvin had, I think I'm in awful close agreement. Remember with the Raspberries, Eric got several breaks from vocals. That's a lot of songs. I agree too much solo catalogue to do covers, not sure I'd even do any Raspberries particularly if they are going to play at all this year together. I'd go all solo for the same reasons Raspberries were all Raspberries. Let's him slip in a couple more solo's that most have NEVER seen live, rather than a 'berries repeat which we've already seen done brillantly. We'll probably have the dvd/cd by then which would include any 'berries songs he would consider anyway.

I like Marvins encores. That's rock and roll is a must. No hard feelings would be a good second encore. Make Me Lose Control would be a great closer, it's his solo GATW (uptempo).

Hard for me not to include lips and hurts too much somewhere though since they were released.

Overdubs get practicing, there are a hell of a lot of complicated songs up there.

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I always enjoyed Eric's version of "On Broadway". That would be a cool one to add too!

Another thought...

Back in about 1979 Elton John did some shows with just himself and Ray Cooper. A friend of mine was lucky enough to see one of those shows, and I guess it was awesome. I can just imagine how great it would be to see an intimate show with Eric, a Grand Piano, and a percussionist (Heck - Give Ray Cooper a call)!

I can't wait for the next "hint"!! happy


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Very cute, Ann! haha

I loved Eric's rendition of "On Broadway" at his solo debut at The Bottom Line in New York City on April 2, 1976. I took color slides of the shows and got a great shot of him raising his arm dramatically as he spoke, "I'll have my name in lights..." It was so *cool*!

smile --Darlene

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Ann I think that "ICRLY" is the strongest song on that disc, but that's the unabashed Pop-music lover in me speaking. I also think that Eric needs to touch on every part of his solo career -i.e. even the songs that might not be as well-known.

In that non-stop radio that plays in my head (yes, I am constantly humming!), I can hear Eric pulling a medley of "She Did It", "Someday", "My Girl", "Top Down Summer" and call it his tribute to the Beach Boys.


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I was at the Bottom Line as well. I'll never forget when they blasted into Sunrise after the piano and synth intro. The wall of sound almost knocked you over, with two drummers pounding away and the rest of that amazing band he had. I remember him finishing up with Be My Baby complete with castanets! The place was packed to the rafters for every show. What a rush!

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Chris, If Eric said, "trust me on this one," I would suggest you do just that. He may not be able to tell us exactly what it is yet, but if he's telling us to save the date, it's no fabrication nor expectation--it's *real*! And I can't wait!

smile --Darlene

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Brian, It *was* a rush, wasn't it?! My girlfriends and I had a blast that night. They were always hearing Raspberries and EC music but had never been to a live performance. Eric knocked their socks off that night! Where were you? I was at the first show as well and grabbed a table right up by the stage for the second show.

What a night!

smile --Darlene

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Chris, you're sounding a bit cynical to me. My intention was never to "drive anyone nuts." On the contrary, it was to give everyone as much time as possible to make whatever plans they might want

to make. After almost forty years in the music business, there are a few rules I try to follow. One is not to discuss anything that's "in the works" until I have a signed contract in my hands. I'd hate to get everyone all excited and then have something I'd promised collapse. Right now, I'd say that there's a 95% chance that the "event" we've been speculating about will take place. That still leaves a 5% possibillity that it won't. A firm decision will be made by the end of May. I'll keep you posted as things continue to develop. ec

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You can't get closer then a confirmation than that! And I just have this feeling that one solo date will lead to many more. Talk about Winter Dreams. How about an Eric Carmen show in New York this winter?

Darlene, I did the same as you and got a great seat for the 2nd show at TBL as well. I saw him many times through the years, but that was the best of the "solo" shows for me. He was fantastic, the band was great and the room had terrific acoustics.

Were you at the WNEW Christmas Concert? I always suspected that Frampton's people sabotaged the sound system that night...

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