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Berry Mash!

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OH MY GOD!!..that is freakin awsome!!!!..u have know idea how that picked me since three days ago!!!i do'nt have the whole collection anymore..so the songs i have'nt heard for a long time made my whole week!!!!!..THAT'S what i remember the raspberries doin to me to begin with!!!...seriously..LOL..chris

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I must be late too here on Monday 11:24 AM PST on Monday. Sounds cool. Even cooler, Bernie's creativity that even amazes Eric, things like an entire cd of every cover for All By Myself that he put together for EC, Never Say Die augmentation, the video montage for the live shows, the books, and now this. You da man BH, looking forward to this clip getting back up.

What's next.. wait a minute we have the vocals for Devil... ;-)

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