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Ticketmaster Refunds


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Has anyone actually been credited a refund by Ticketmaster yet? They agreed to issue me one on the phone and when I sent back the tickets, they returned them to me stating that no refund would be issued. I then put it into dispute with the credit card company, and received an e-mail from Ticketmaster stating that they had credited me in full, including the handling fee. THEY HAD NOT!!!

It was just another stall tactic to get me to withdraw the dispute, so the matter is back in dispute again...Watch these guys, because they will do anything unscrupulous. Did anyone else have the same experience? If you don't get a refund, dispute that amount with your card company, and Mastercard told me they would resolve it in favor of the customer in the case of Abbey Road.


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Darlene ~ I got three of my refunds back without too much hassle, but the fourth one, (through Ticketmaster), I had to chase via their website "Customer Support' link, about a week ago. I filled in the date, title of the show, booking reference and explained the show was cancelled. They replied within a couple of days confirming that a refund had gone back on to my credit card that day (and it did). Good luck! PS: I would have replied sooner, but I have just been chilling out watching Dirty Dancing on TV (even though I've got it on video!)

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