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Richard Marx vs. Eric Carmen

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I keep tellin' ya, Marx has grown as a songwriter. Some people want to keep pigeon-holing him back to his more famous cookie-cutter hits of yesteryear, but there is more to the little guy with the "too slick" voice...And he works well as a co-writer.

Some guy named Carmen could be doing the same thing...

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Something to follow up with that last post. I think his writing as well as his singing style has progressed into a place where he's really 'found' his voice. He doesn't sing in the stratosphere like on some of his earlier records (although he proved he can nail it better now as in his performance of 'Don't Mean Nothin' last night, complete with great blues riffs, a capella at the end that had the audience screaming in approval). He sings in what I think is a much more pleasing style with more emotion. You'd have to hear him live, unplugged, to really get the sense of what I'm describing. Better yet, go see him on the Ringo tour and see for yourself.


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Thanks for your posts. I found them particularly enjoyable because of your mention of Mark Hudson and Gary Burr. I've seen them perform several times at The Fest for Beatles Fans, saw Gary on Carole King's tour last summer at Radio City, and both Gary, Mark (plus Victoria)at Birdland, NYC about a month ago. These 2 guys are talents to be reckoned with! And I'm looking forward to seeing Richard Marx for 1st time live on Ringo's tour, with Mark Hudson!

I posted about Birdland briefly in another thread right after the show:

Saw Mark Hudson and Gary Burr perform at Birdland NYC last nite with Victoria Shaw and Bill (I forgot his last name and can't find it on the site today). It was a round robin type setting with acoustic guitars and piano. Mark told a few of his funny stories too. Was very entertaining. Mark's daughter, Sarah, was also there.

We spoke to Mark and Gary after the show and they were fun and gracious as always. We congratulated Mark on his achieving All Starr status (he'll be one of Ringo's All Starrs on the tour this summer) and he thanked us, joked that it's "scarrry!"

All The Best,


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Paul, as you were on stage with Mr. Carmen in Waukesha I would agree with your prior analysis regarding Mr. Marx. Unfortunately we were not there, Nashville is also home to Bill Lloyd. However, I think Mr. Carmen, at least, hit his vocal strides on I Don't Know What I Want, before the storm. Some folks in sports would hold the saying, "he can't hold his jock strap."

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I believe we were stating Mr. Marx not being able to hold the jock strap of Mr. Carmen. Nothing against Mr. Marx, but it is tough for folks to be putting his name out there next to Mr. Carmen, without some thoughtful analysis. Especially when there are some continued indiffenences by some that have never worn one (Male, I think??).

As my words again were taken out of context, simply put, we were merely trying to ask Paul how the experiences with Eric would hold in comparison with the Mr. Marx show(s). We may, apparently to some cynics, failed to fully articulate this question/response.

My apologies Paul, it was not my intent for the response that followed my observation.

It should be noted that the SAT's were held today...

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