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Mary Clayton's style on this performance turns a quality romantic rock duet into a, "Yo baby, Why you gots to scream so much? We ain't at a Baptist church..."

Good voice, wrong style for this song.

I gotta agree with Tony on this one. Mary Clayton is a great singer, but she don't float my boat on this song.
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kind of agree, Mary Clayton has pipes (yes that's her in the background of the Stones "Gimmee Shelter", but she doesn't seem quite right. Definately like Eric over Mike Reno. This song can get too gospel without the right interpretation. I liked it with Jennifer. Personally I would like it slighty edgier, which Eric adds, but at the time, I think Eric and Bonnie Tyler could have rocked this song right off the screen.

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I saw the DD show in a couple of venues, and I can't agree with you on this one at all. The chemistry Eric and Merry had on this song live was absolutely magic. She has an amazing voice and I think this song was as romantically expressive a duet as any two people could make it.

I just love the way they sing it together and it was perfect in both live performances I saw.

I loved it with Jennifer too. I think anyone who sings it with Eric will be carried along by his performance and sing it beautifully, but I just thought Eric and Merry are great together.

Baptist Church?! Aunt Antonietta slaps-a Tony with five poundsa canneloni...

smile --Darlene

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