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New EC Greatest Hits CD from Australia


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Release Date: August 15, 2006

One of the most influential artists of the 1970s and 1980s, Eric Carmen has brought us an amazing variety of music, from power pop songs to stunningly introspective, classically influenced blockbusters. In 1972, Carmen formed the Raspberries and over the next three years the band enjoyed hit after hit in the US and made quite a splash all over the world. After the Raspberries split, he made a name for himself as a songwriter and performer, scoring several Top 20 hits and writing chart-toppers for many of his contemporaries. Of particular note is the epic All By Myself.


Disc 1

Make Me Lose Control

Baby I Need Your Lovin’

All For Love

Heaven Can Wait

My Girl

Marathon Man

Run Away

On Broadway

Foolin’ Myself

Sleep With Me

Desperate Fools

Last Night

Disc 2

All By Myself

Tonight You’re Mine

That’s Rock ‘n Roll

Haven’t We Come A Long Way

End Of The World

You Need Some Lovin’

Lost In The Shuffle

Reason To Try

Inside Story

I Think I Found Myself


Great Expectations

- - - -


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Bernie-What company is releasing this collection?

Are there Eric-liner notes?

Just curious-if you know.


PS-With Australia a WEE bit closer to NZ than to the-USA-Do you think Muzza would mind picking up some 900 copies in his Mazda Miata and mailing them stateside to all us "Board Members" smilie

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Ira Said.. PS-With Australia a WEE bit closer to NZ than to the-USA-Do you think Muzza would mind picking up some 900 copies in his Mazda Miata and mailing them stateside to all us "Board Members"....

Ira... I'm off out to the garage to put a V E R Y L O N G air intake on the Mazda and air bottles and masks to wear.

Then I'm off under the Tasman.. eye

Second thoughts I might just check our local shops as the Rajon Music are the people who released the Bubblegum Collection CDs we mentioned on another thread.

If I sight it I'll let you know otherwise it will be Amazon.. here we come.

Muzza cool

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Further to what Bernie has posted we have looked at the local Rajon site and the release date for here is TODAY.

We have emailed the New Zealand Rajon contact about the availability here etc so will keep you informed.

Shall I get my order book out??? laugh All funds received will go to the "Kiwi and Muzza visit the USA" a/c. haha

The Catalougue Number is CDR0554 and the barcode 9325425031011 if that is any help to anyone.

Genre - "Pop"..

Muzza and Kiwi

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Did Eric have any involvement in choosing the tracks? There a few glaring omissions as some of the others have pointed out. He said in "Marathon Man" that he didn't care for "All for Love" and yet, it's included here. (it's one of my favorites). I'm glad to see "Reason to try" included, since I've never had that on CD.


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The album's label, Rajon Records, is distributed by Sony Music --- http://www.rajon.com.au/dsp_aboutus.cfm .

They have a page for Eric's album at http://www.rajon.com.au/new_releases/dsp_cd_profile.cfm.cfm?item_id=1382 --- interesting that they are using the back cover shot from the "Tonight You're Mine" CD as the front cover shot of this latest compilation.

I know the Amazon.Com link Bernie posted earlier has August 17, 2006, on the Amazon page, but the Rajon Records album listing has the album release date as December 8, 2006. I have no idea which date is correct.

Don smile

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We emailed the NZ manager of Rajon music, asking when it was being released here in NZ. He replied that there were no plans to release it here. angry (this is what I've been up against here for the past 35 years.) As you can imagine we are not "happy campers"!!!

However all is not lost as I have a step brother living in Aussie,who I'm sure I can bribe with a Chocolate Fish to get it for me.


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Good point and I bet you are correct, which puts the album on its way to stores down under this past Saturday. Thanks for catching that.

I was in a Ryan's Steakhouse last Friday, treating my son, who is named Eric for some reason, and as we approached the cash register upon entering the restaurant we both hear "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" on the establishment's music system.

Then Saturday, the day after Eric Carmen's birthday, I was watching the WHAS-TV early morning news and in their "weekend events" section they played "Hungry Eyes." Can't get away from "The Kid" and his music.

This Thursday, another August birthday boy, Rick Springfield, gives a free concert at the Kentucky State Fair (with Firefall opening). If nothing else gets in the way, I may go to that show (sponsored by Fifth-Third Bank, which sponsored Cheap Trick at the fair last year).

Don smile

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