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Urgent Message For Eric Carmen!

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WHAT an amazing day I had!

I went to Beatlefest in Chicago today and got in line for a chance to meet producer (Ringo and Aerosmith) Mark Hudson! Lucky for me, I was almost last in line, because I got to have a wonderfully prosperous conversation with Mark, before he was to give a lecture (which was terrific, BTW) to the throng of Beatle fans, as he signed my "Ringorama" CD.

After a bit of small talk, I said "Mark, can I ask you a goofy question?"

He smiled and said "sure, go head."

PG: "Have you ever heard of a band called the Raspberries?"

MH: "Are you kidding me? One of the greatest bands ever! I know Eric Carmen." (He playfully broke into his version of "Go All The Way")

PG: "Well, have you heard that they are getting back together for a reunion?"

MH: "Where did you hear that? That's great!"

PG: "I read it first on ericcarmen.com, but it's on all the members websites. I believe they are going to have a concert at the end of November and hopefully, keep going from there."

MH: "Is it the original members?"

PG: "That's what the rumors are saying. But, I have to ask you, how am I going to get YOU to produce the band and make some new music? I think if the band worked with you, they would have a pop masterpiece!"

MH: "Are you their agent or a fan?" (He laughed.)

PG: "I'm a fan, but I want to make this happen. I know there are many Raspberries fans who feel the same way."

MH: "Well, you tell Eric to call or write me. Man, I looove the Raspberries and I looove Eric. I would do anything to be a part of that! He knows how to get hold of me."

PG: "Now, I'm gonna post this on his website. is that okay with you?"

MH: "Go right ahead. Tell Eric if they want to do some new music, to write me. This is fantastic! I have to find out more about this, even if it's just a concert."

PG: "Check out the site some time."

MH: "All right, raspberry man, I will. Very cool!"

PG: "Thanks for the autograph. I'm a huge fan of your work."

MH: "Thank YOU for the info!"

Okay, EC, I did my part...LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!

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That's neat about Mark Hudson. He sang backup on Eric's "Reason To Try" single, which peaked at # 87 in 1988 (it's from the "One Moment In Time: 1988 NBC Summer Olympics Album," which went Gold in 1988).

The Hudson Brothers wore white suits and sang Beatles-inspired tunes, too --- wait a minute... If you ever want a piece of power pop heaven, get their greatest hits CD, "So You Are A Star."

Don smile

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BlackhawkPat, You know, I was trying to find the hudson brothers website, and couldn't, do they have one?

I had the first album, with the song"SoYou Are A Star", on it, I don't have it any more.

I'm looking for a Hudson Brothers Album (CD) again, it's hard.

I always watched their TV Show, it was great.

The guys are a hoot.

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Nice job, Pat! Absolutely incredible convesation with Mark! I always go to the NY Metro Beatlefests and have met Mark a few times, too! I'm also a big fan of his and his brothers and met them at an album signing (BAFA)in a record store at the height of their success oh a "few" years ago! He's signed several things for me since then, and we both agree that BAFA was the Hudsons' best album. If anyone is a Hudson Brothers fan, I urge you to get on eBay and get a copy of the So You Are A Star CD best of compilation (it's been out of print for a few years now). It truly is a best of compilation, and lots of background and Hudsons' history to read inside the cd. I see it on eBay from time to time, as well as the BAFA one on vinyl...

All The Best,

Joyce Marie cool

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If you check out some old threads, you'll find one that I began on Mark Hudson and the Hudson Brothers. I've been singing their praises for many years, especially Mark. On "So You Are A Star", he sings Lennon better than Lennon.

Mark has been Ringo's musical director for the longest time, has toured with Ringo in the All-Starr Band and in Ringo's solo tours. He's also had his hand in many hit singles over the last few years (with Aerosmith, Swirl 360, etc.), and has a very keen 'Pop' ear. I have no doubt that he and Eric would be a fine combination.


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Just saw your post when my screen refreshed after my post to Jeff...

I couldn't agree with you more about Mark Hudson. I was in absolute heaven when he performed So You Are A Star at the NY Metro Beatlefest back in April. Every time I ran into him during the weekend, I kept asking him to sing it, since I had heard he performed it at the Chicago fest the summer before!

All The Best,

Joyce Marie spin

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The Hudson Brothers best-of CD, "So You Are a Star," is out of print and hard to find, but it's out there.

Here it is on half.com:


It's not cheap, but it's a great CD. Besides songs from their original albums, it includes new tracks they did in the 90s.

It also pops up on ebay. That's how I got mine.

I think Mark would be an ideal producer for a Raspberries reunion CD...unless that Jimmy guy's looking for work...


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Mark did a fantastic lecture yesterday at the Fest. At the end, he was asked if fifty years from now, he was up in Rock N Roll Heaven, along with John Lennon, what would be the first song he would want to perform? Mark pulled out an acoustic guitar and performed a brilliant version of Lennon's "Working Class Hero" for the crowd.

He truly should be making the talk show circuit, as he told some hysterical stories about his meetings with the various Beatles and also recording with Aerosmith. He does an amazing and funny Steve Tyler impression, along with all the individual Beatles. He told a funny tale about how nervous he was about having to tell Paul McCartney that he was playing an incorrect note in a Ringo song, as Ringo said to him "I'M not telling him. Don't look at me." (BTW, as it turned out, Paul had no problem being corrected.)

He also played how he wanted "Living on the Edge" to sound when he demo-ed it for Aerosmith. It had a real John Lennon feel to it and I would love to have his version on CD. Mark said that as he was playing it, Tyler stopped him and said "whoa man, Lennon is in the room."

I think he broke the fashion police barrier system yesterday, as his beard was dyed various rainbow colors, while he wore a pink sport coat to go with his rainbow paints, and black beret!

Yet, it somehow looks cool on him!

Yesterday was also his birthday and he was very pleased when the crowd serenaded him..........

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Mark Hudson performed Working Class Hero at the NY metro Beatlefest last April, too. He didn't perform any Aerosmith, tho. That must've been something!

We asked him about his colorful goatee at last year's fest and he replied that he always colors it to match whatever color his daughter's hair is. Doesn't appear that it remains true this year.. These days her hair is red. Her name is Sarah and her first CD, Naked Truth is due out Sept 7th. Yep, her dad is on it and co-wrote one of the tunes!

Oh and Brett Hudson also dated Cher's sister, Georgeanne for awhile, too! (If anybody really wants to know!!)

Joyce Marie smilie

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Mark Hudson's daughter, Sarah Hudson, has an album, "Naked Truth," due out September 7, 2004 (delayed from a July release). She was profiled recently on the PBS series "Frontline" about how hard it is to make it in music (the other act profiled was Velvet Revolver). Mark Hudson played a bit of "So You Are A Star" at the close of one of Sarah's songs on the "Frontline" episode.

She's managed by David Simone (Barry Manilow, Elton John). Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, probably as a favor to Mark Hudson, sings backup on two tracks on her new album.

Now, imagine: Raspberries' produced by Mark Hudson. Friends of Mark's stop in: Steve Tyler and Eric Carmen do a duet backed by the dueling power chords of Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Raspberries' Wally Bryson, while Ringo Starr joins Jim Bonfanti on percussion... oh well, I can dream...

Don smile

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